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OMFG: Former mayor defends ex-Klansman, KKK

Former Philadephia, MS mayor, cracker Harlan Majure (l) got on the stand and testified that Edgar Ray Killen (r) had a “good” reputation and was a man of character, and that the Klan “is a peaceful organization.”

What must it be like to sit and listen to the cracker voices of the old South, still uttering sickness and hate. Oh wait…we can do that by talking to the Pro-Lynching Southern Six in our Senate. But I digress…

Gary over at Facing South points to a real jaw-dropper at the trial of former Ku Klux Klanman Edgar Ray Killen, who is charged in the 1964 slayings of three civil rights workers in Mississippi.

Before the defense rested today, the former mayor of Philadephia opened his trap with this foulitude: (AP):

Harlan Majure, who was mayor of this rural Mississippi town in the 1990s, said Edgar Ray Killen was a good man and that the part-time preacher’s Klan membership would not change his opinion.

Majur said the Klan “did a lot of good up here” and said he was not personally aware of the organization’s bloody past.

As far as I know it’s a peaceful organization,” Majure said. His comment was met with murmurs in the packed courtroom.

Guess Old Harlan must be a fan of the Southern Six.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding