The Lonely Passion of Joel Mowbray

Poor Joel. Still flogging it over at confirmbolton.com (“T-shirts half-off! Hurry for best selection! No offer refused!”). All of the other kids, except for Andrew Cochran, are looking for day work.


Though the GOP managed to pick up three Dem votes–the same as the last time–for giving Bolton an up-or-down vote, Voinovich crossed lines to side with professional hacks Chris Dodd and Joe Biden. He must be too stupid (see earlier analyses) to understand a political ploy when he sees one, thus his seeming indulgence of the Dems’ line that they need more info. To be fair, it could also be that Voinovich is a headline whore, and he perhaps calculated that he could garner still more attention by stabbing his GOP brethen in the back yet again.


Not to anyone’s great shock, the Dems today filibustered Bolton yet again. They want to continue fishing, and the White House has not effectively rebuked the Dems. Biden and Dodd have nearly succeeded in sounding reasonable, yet the White House merely says that the Senate has all the information it needs. Yes, that’s true, but truth isn’t exactly paramount in politics.


But this should cheer you up. They really don’t pay Scottie enough.

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