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Downing Street update/Alliance action items

Updates and legwork kudos go to Shakes Sis. Here’s what’s been going on.

* Big Brass Alliance mentioned on MSNBC. That Colored Fella emailed me to say BBA had been mentioned on MSNBC. Shakes says Matt of Tattered Coat noted that One Woman Wrecking Crew had a report on the mention:

“His smile of satisfaction was unmistakable as Ron Reagan Jr. covered the “Downing Street Minutes” and the Conyers hearing on the popular MSNBC show Connected. The Big Brass Alliance blogs were also credited for bringing the DSM to the attention of the mainstream media by Tony’s Tab, the noted blog analyst. The DSM blog swarm was represented with an impressive chart, that went, well, off the charts! The Big Brass Alliance website was also displayed.” Tony’s Tabs reports:

On May 30, a blogswarm was formed. For those of you who might be less techie hip that means that many blogs got together on an issue and formed a new blog called “Big Brass Alliance.”Their icon is a big set of brass balls.Funny.This blog is a conglomerate of almost 500 other blogs and collectively they support the After Downing Street Alliance in their efforts to get MSM attention for the Memo, as well as a congressional inquiry.Their ultimate goal is impeachment proceedings for President Bush.It has since gotten an increasing amount of play in the press, and as of yesterday Rep. John Conyers has a forum underway on the Hill, a begin to the process of discovery on the issue. Again, this is my cobbled together history, but I think it is relatively accurate.More than the nuts and bolts of dates and specific blogs, it illustrates the powerful potential of the Internet to expose the stories MSM has missed, ignored, or simply gotten wrong. And I want to stress my feeling that, coupled with the Rathergate scandal, this shows interesting potential for a checks and balances system that calls crap what it is, whether it’s blue or red.”

* Here are recent AP stories on the Downing Street documents:
Memos Show British Concern Over Iraq Plans

Memos: Postwar Iraq a Concern in Britain
U.S. War Plans Much-Discussed in Memos
2002 Memos Undercut British WMD Claims
Redford Says He Linked Deep Throat to FBI. (This includes Redford’s comments on the Downing Street Memo.)

* Shakes Sis’s latest post (“The Useless Press”) really gets to heart of the frustration level with the MSM defenses over its lack of coverage on DSM up till now.

Now, I’m admittedly driven to the brink of a meltdown with disseminating information on this subject (and it’s not because I hate Bush; it’s because I don’t want my country behaving this way, irrespective of who’s running it), but it’s probably safe to assume that most members of the alliance haven’t written quite so much on the topic (although I’m sure there are some who have written more than I). So let’s assume that the average Big Brass Alliance member has, in the past month, written 20 posts about the Downing Street Memos. There are now 528 member blogs. That’s 10,560 posts.

And that doesn’t count the bloggers who aren’t members of the alliance, which includes most of the biggest lefty blogs. How many dKos diaries alone have been written about it? The Awaken the Mainstream Media campaign issues at least one post a day, and is affiliated with, which has also been pushing the story.

The American media ought to be ashamed of itself.

I have a full-time job already. So do most of the bloggers who are regularly writing about this story. I’m sure we’d all appreciate it if we didn’t have to spend our free time doing your jobs for you, too.

Shakes Sis contributor Paul the Spud has also posted on FAIR’s coverage of the media’s attempt to justify their lack of coverage on the Downing Street Memo.

Contact your local media. It’s obviously starting to make a difference.


1. Monday blogswarm. BBA folks, the plan is to post on this Independent piece, which reveals that the US has used napalm-type firebombs during the Iraq War and lied about it to the British government. A cautionary note from Shakes Sis, on the framing of this and the semantics smokescreen that the Right will use to defuse the impact:

(The use of such weaponry was reported earlier here. Please note that care should be used in reporting on this weaponry. The actual bombs used are known as MK-77s, and they are napalm canister munitions. They evolved from the napalm bombs which we associate with the Korean and Vietnam wars. This is an extremely important issue, and we don’t want to end up giving our opponents the opportunity to discredit our reporting because of a quibble over the definition of the weaponry. Both The Heretik and Freiheit und Wissen have excellent posts up already on this topic.You can find more information on MK-77s here.

2. If you haven’t already, make sure to post on Friday’s hearings. I posted that Shakes Sis liveblogged them. Crooks and Liars has a video highlights here.

And here’s an unforgettable image from that day. Congressman John Conyers with his letter with over 500K signatures of citizens looking for answers on the DSM being turned away at the White House, courtesy of The Alternate Brain:

3. Contact your representatives and Senators (even if you’ve done it before) and encourage them to address the evidence of a possible conspiracy to defraud both Congress and the American people by manipulating intelligence, as presented at the hearing, by supporting a formal inquiry.

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