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Almost no more baseboard scrubbing…

Where have I been this weekend? Well, as I posted on Friday, Kate and I are still cleaning up from the hardwoods installation and painting, so the house was all torn up for the last couple of weeks. Since it was already chaos, we decided to do a real spring cleaning, emptying closets and file cabinets and redoing all of it. Insane.

Let’s just say if we don’t have to scrub baseboards, the kitchen floor or the bathrooms by hand again any time soon, I will be a happy person. Dust and remnants of sanding. I guess what is satisfying is that our manic purge of crap that never gets used and the cleaning has made the house a better, more organized place. Part of the cleanup involved several trips to Goodwill and the dumpster.

We had to reorganize the kitchen because we can no longer keep foodstuffs on the counter that are not in airtight containers. Tonka will surf the counter while we’re out. Apparently his theft target of choice is scones. Foster’s Market scones.

The first time he lifted one was a bold, ballsy maneuver. I was sitting on the sofa blogging and Kate had a scone on a plate by the sofa on a table, Tonka was asleep on the other sofa (or at least we thought he was). I was typing away and I sort of heard some rustling. When I looked up, he had absconded the scone and was already heading back to his place on the sofa, wolfing it down. I burst out with laughter in amazement. Kate walked back in the room just as he was lifting it, hahahahaha.

Once I stupidly left a leftover scone on the counter in a non airtight bag. I forgot about it, we went out, and when we returned, the plastic bag was neatly on the floor in the kitchen. Tonka was snoozing away, happy as a clam. The funniest incident (and last time before we got wise and moved food higher) was a bread theft. Kate was about to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and laid out two slices of bread. The doorbell rang, and Tonka went to the door with her. She let her friends in, and turned around and the bread had vanished. How did he do it?! How did he get back to the kitchen in time to snatch the bread and come back to the door licking his chops, innocent as can be? Perhaps he levitated the bread; we have no clue.

Anyway, now the kitchen is Tonka-proof, we just have one more closet and a couple of more baseboards to go.

Back to politics tomorrow (or later today after catching a nap and reading email!).

Pam’s cleaning hell product endorsement: I highly recommend Costco’s Kirkland Signature Household Surface Wipes. They smell great, clean well and don’t disintegrate. Better by far than name-brand stuff. And Costco is a Buy Blue company (Costco executives contributed heavily to Democratic candidates for Congress and some in high-profile Senate races, and treats its employees well).

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