Bill Frist: Cheating, two-timing man-slut

David Brooks finds honor in sleeping around on your fiancé:

Bill Frist was his high school’s class president. He was a quarterback on the football team and a member of the honor society, and lived amid the upper crust of Nashville society. He dated the head cheerleader, and while he was in med school they were engaged to be married.

But while interning in Boston, he met another woman, spent a dinner and a night with her, and fell in love. Two days before his wedding, he flew back to Nashville and broke off his engagement. “Everyone listened carefully to what I said, all the lame explanations I had that were and were not the truth,” Frist later wrote, “and they nodded and dealt with it and I went on my way.”

I’ve always admired that anecdote. It took guts to break off the grand wedding that was in the works – to risk alienating everyone he had grown up with for the sake of the woman he had suddenly come to love. Furthermore here was a Bill Frist who knew his own heart.

Here we see Frist and the slut who slept with him on their first date.

I blame the culture:

The most extreme manifestation of the new culture is the mainstream acceptance of pornography. Pornography is no longer relegated to the dark corners of the newsstand or the skuzzy box in the video store; it’s now in your inbox. It’s on the radio, the television and the billboards. We live in an America that makes Paris Hilton a cultural icon and Jenna Jameson a New York Times best-selling author.

…and makes a man who cheats on his fiancé the Senate Majority Leader.

Bobo’s World: Where your wedding is only a dinner and a blow job away from collapsing like a Papier Mâchè submarine.

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