Pissing down their trunk

I was quite pleased to see that the General, manly man that he am, is ‘spearheading’ (a term so butch it makes Ken Mehlman blush) Operation Yellow Elephant in an effort to beat Islamofascism or make Dick Durbin look bad. Whichever.

Naturally this made me check on my pal Don Surber of 101st Fighting Keyboarders/ Poca Patrol, whose hit counts are way down since I took my little trip. Sadly it appears that Don has been so busy giving lessons to “libs” that he hasn’t had time to drive his boys, who must surely be on break now from Marshall U, down to the recruiters where they could have signed up to make dad feel proud on this Father’s Day.

Oh. And did I mention that, seeing as I was out of the country, Don enabled his comments again? I’d say “be polite” but I expect that by time I get up in the morning Surber will have disabled them again.

But only because there is a war on, of course.

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