Heated, inarticulate*…and back

So I leave for a few days and I come back to find out that you’ve all been:

Driving on the lawn
Sleeping on the roof
Drinking all the alcohol


Okay. Let’s get the cruise out of the way.

Cruises were not intended for people like myself. Let’s review:

-I don’t drink.
-I don’t gamble.
-I don’t smoke.
-I’m not a big eater. (I gained two pounds: Me 1, the Buffet 0. Ha!)
-I am pretty big on the whole “sex” thing but since we shared a cabin with Casey, we’ll just call this one “not applicable at this time”.
-I’m not a “joiner”. Conga line? Meet Mr. Pepperspray.
-I don’t want my picture taken.
-I am not entertained by Las Vegas style “reviews”.
-I don’t like dressing up for formal dinners. (A rule for life: you should not have to dress better on your vacation than you have to for work. I wear shorts to work everyday. Class over)
-I don’t chit-chat with strangers or goggle and make comments about the exotic natives in their colorful indigenous garb.

Just give me a deck chair, a book, and five hours of good tanning-rays and nobody gets hurt.

Having said all that, we had an excellent time and I would do it all again.

What was the lowlight? How about sailing all night and then waking up in Mazatlan and this (I swear to God even if I don’t believe in Him) is the first thing that you see.

Click for larger picture. Posted by Hello

Consider the vacation mellow harshed.

*As for “heated and inarticulate” see here while I contact Harvard about lack of attribution by virgins.

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