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Big Babyhead Neil Cavuto must’ve spent the afternoon at the all-you-can-eat umbrage buffet before he “interviewed” Rep. Bernie Sanders yesterday. The topic: the bill introduced by Sanders that passed the House on Wednesday (with the support of 38 Republicans) which required the portion of the Patriot Act allowing law enforcement to access certain information without a search warrant to “sunset,” as it was already scheduled to do.


If you thought the Patriot Act violated your right to privacy, then you’re probably glad my next guest is on your side, because thanks to him, and pretty much him alone, investigators cannot check up on your books while you’re checking out of the library….Are you concerned though, Congressman, that if there is another attack on this country, you might have, with the best of intentions, contributed? (my emphasis)

erinposte at The Left Coaster had this to say about Fox’s own culpability in any such event:

Clearly, terrorists are the only ones to blame for terrorist attacks. That said, if we are “hit again”, people like Neil Cavuto will be partly responsible for making it easier for terrorists to attack us because they have done far more than anyone else in aiding and abetting the lies and cover-up from the Bush administration on how they slept at the wheel prior to 9/11, ignoring Al Qaeda and terrorism despite repeated, myriad warnings….

Now Cavuto may want his sheep to believe that getting rid of a ‘library’ provision in the Patriot Act is more deadly than:

. sleeping at the wheel
. ignoring the real threat of terrorism
. underfunding key aspects of homeland security
. diverting America’s resources and military might away from the real terrorist threat to focus on an enemy who posed no immediate or imminent threat
. tacitly or directly authorizing torture (which aids and abets the enemy) and
. increasing the risk and magnitude of anti-American terrorism dramatically in the process.

Wolcott, I think, cuts to the heart of the matter:

Mark Hertsgaard’s scathing account of the fawning coverage Ronald Reagan enjoyed during his presidency was titled On Bended Knee. After September 11, the other knee dropped and has remained rooted.

It seems that OxyLimbaugh is breaking into the fashion business with his “Club Gitmo” t-shirts, in competition with those style-whores from Powerline. I think I’m going to join the fray and start producing a line of I Love Gitmo kneepads. I’ll sell millions.

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