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Mitt Romney is an ass, part II

Part I was about Mitt’s spewing that “gay marriage will destroy the international rep of the US.” Now it’s time to get down to business at home.

After his road show against gay marriage, the Massachusetts governor has now decided to campaign for a state amendment to remove civil marriage for gays from the books. Gay folks in Massachusetts, what is the chance that this is going to pass?

The Legislature was already working on a proposed amendment that would ban gay marriage but also would allow Vermont-style civil unions. The new proposal drops the civil union language, meaning such unions would remain illegal in the state.

If the new proposal passes procedural hurdles, it could appear on the statewide ballot as soon as November 2008.

Romney said the original proposed amendment — narrowly passed last year by state lawmakers and awaiting a second round of voting later this year — is “muddied” because it includes both the gay marriage and civil union issues. He said voters should be able to decide on gay marriage with a “clean, straightforward, unambiguous amendment” that does not include civil unions.

“I believe it’s superior to the amendment which is currently pending before the state Legislature, and hope that this amendment will ultimately be the one which the citizens have the opportunity to vote upon,” Romney said.

It is really sad that (Romney) is playing politics with gay and lesbian families and their children, and that’s all that is,” said Mark Solomon, political director of MassEquality.

The new proposed amendment will take the form of a citizen’s initiative. That means the state attorney general’s office must sign off on the proposal language, supporters must collect 65,825 voters’ signatures and one-quarter of lawmakers in the Legislature must vote twice to approve it. Only if it passes those hurdles would the state’s voters have their say.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding