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Called Time Warner about getting LOGO in my area

Kate and I are off today doing the final housecleaning left from the heinous hardwood floors project. It’s 92 degrees here, so it’s too hot to do much outside until later. Going to clip the hedges and work in the garage eventually.

House Blender Robust McManly Pants, who is also in Durham, mentioned in the comments that he called Time Warner Cable to request the new gay/lesbian cable channel LOGO, which launches at the end of this month (earlier post here).

I just got off of the phone with a really nice TWC rep, who’s added my request to the tally. I learned some interesting things about the process for adding channels.

* First, the target number of requests that must be reached is arbitrary. For instance, a Spanish-language channel was recently added to the roster (the growth of the Hispanic population here in NC is astronomical) after only 1200 requests, and was added only 3 weeks later. However, she doesn’t know what the threshold might be for LOGO – it’s based on whatever formula TWC deems will make it profitable to add the channel.

* This rep hadn’t received any calls for LOGO before mine; I told her that I knew others had. She said it sounded great, asked for the LOGO web site. She said that a gay channel would do well in our area (ha ha ha, boy wouldn’t it!).

* Finding 1200 gay folks in the Triangle to call is NOT going to be hard. I’m about to email a bunch of my friends info on how to contact TWC (call 1-866-4TWCNOW).

I’ve found the TWC folks to be really easy to work with in this area (I can’t speak for other parts of the state). When Kate and I moved in and went in to merge our accounts into a joint one, the customer service person was extremely friendly, and even gave us a bunch of free coupons for InDemand (pay per view, first-run-after-release) movies.

Hopefully we’ll see LOGO; we still don’t have Bravo.

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