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Rush is over the top — and running scared

“Hillbilly heroin” addict, GOP mouthpiece/talk show host Rush Limbaugh is now joining the chorus of desperate voices on the Right, the hand-wringers that don’t know what to say or do about Bush’s completely failed policy in Iraq. Along with the Gary Bauer tack of the media is killing morale (instead of IEDs, blowing our troops and Iraqis apart), he’s saying that it’s time to blame the messenger. But El Rushbo shared a bright idea with his Dittoheads/Freepi:

A 90-day cease-fire in Iraq — of negative media coverage. Hahahahahahahaha. More wingnut flopsweat on parade :

I call on the New York Times to lay down their arms. I call on the Democrats in Congress to stop the assaults. I call on weak-kneed Republicans to lower the temperature for 90 days, three measly months.

Lebanon is in the middle of a crucial election sequence. Iran is about to have an even more crucial election. Syrian and Saudi terror backers are losing for signs.

So for 90 days, no attacks on our war effort. Somewhere, deep inside, there has to be something — a memory of patriotism, a stirring of some national pride — some remaining sense of right and wrong. [OMG, my sides are splitting from laughing…]

Positive news, upbeat spirit, a seemingly united United States would send a warning to our enemies, a rallying cry to our allies and a signal to those nations shirking responsibility.

Just a 90-day cease-fire. There’s no downside to this. You still have a full-year plus to return to playing politics, to bashing the president, to bashing the administration, bashing the Republican Party, to even bashing America if you want. So much to gain and so little to risk from a 90-day cease-fire. [A sure sign that support is flagging…waah, waah.]

After all, it could take two years or two decades for the wisdom our Middle East policy to bear fruit. Is it too much to ask you on the left to give unity a chance for just 90 days?

No, my friends, I’m not living in a dream world. I know it won’t happen but I wanted to put it out there. [And now, his most outrageous statement…]

I know it won’t happen because the left in this country considers Christians to be a greater enemy than militant Islamist terrorists.

I think he’s still popping that Oxy.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding