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Rove turns the key in Chimpy's back

Someone, probably Karl Rove, turned the wingnut key in Bumf*ck’s back last night so he could pacify his sheeple base with tired, stock statements. It’s a pathetic attempt to shore up his conservative cred as his admin sinks in the polls. (AgapePress):

President Bush is accusing Democrats of obstruction while reaffirming his positions on abortion, homosexual “marriage,” and government support for religious charities. Addressing Republicans Tuesday night at a Washington fundraiser, Bush said the GOP will “continue to promote a culture of life” [*ping*] and “will defend the institution of marriage from being redefined forever by activist judges.”[*ping*] The president added that Republicans “will continue to support the faith-based and community groups that bring hope to harsh places.” [*ping*] Accusing Democrats of pursuing an “agenda of the roadblock,” Bush said that “if they have no ideas or policies except obstruction, they should step aside and let others lead.”

In another attempt to find someone, anyone that might be willing to listen to his bullsh*t on “Social Security Reform”, our dear leader is courting teenagers. Yes, and they aren’t listening to the flaming turd pile either.

”I’ve come here today to tell you that there are some of us in Washington, D.C., who do not want to leave you saddled with a retirement system that’s going broke,” Bush said, speaking to a convention of the Pennsylvania FFA, formerly known as the Future Farmers of America, at Pennsylvania State University.

He encouraged the students to call members of Congress to encourage them to support his plan…Bush said he wants to ”make sure the system is a better deal for younger workers,” and the president assured older people in the audience that they would continue to get their promised benefits.

The students would receive the same benefits seniors today get, Bush said, without delving into the effect that increases in the cost of living will have over the next 50 years.

Several students in the crowd said they haven’t followed the Social Security debate or spent any time thinking about whether the program will be around for them when they retire.

”I’ll wait until I’m older,” said Daniel Snook, 16, from Mifflinburg, Pa.

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