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Crazy NC 'pizza lady' gets two days in the clink

That must be a damn good slice of pizza to get into this kind of trouble. The Smoking Gun has the mug shot of the 86-year-old NC woman that went nutzo. I posted about this a couple of weeks ago.

Meet Dorothy Densmore. The 86-year-old North Carolina woman was locked up in the Mecklenburg County jail for two days in connection with a bizarre pizza delivery incident. According to a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department report, the octogenarian called 911 over 20 times in less than a half hour on Sunday. A police spokeswoman told TSG that Densmore’s emergency was that a pizza place refused to deliver a single slice to her Charlotte apartment, and as if that wasn’t upsetting enough, she wanted the person who answered the phone at the pizza joint arrested for calling her a “crazy old coot.” Instead, it was the 5-foot, 98-pound woman who ended up posing for a mug shot after she allegedly scratched, kicked, and bit the hand of the cop who showed up at her home in response to all the calls. Densmore is charged with misusing the emergency telephone system and resisting arrest.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding