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Bill Frist's no Sanjay Gupta

Terri’s husband, Michael Schiavo (above), is owed an apology from Frist, her parents and all the wailing wingnuts.

“I question it based on a review of the video footage which I spent an hour or so looking at last night in my office,” he said in a lengthy speech in which he quoted medical texts and standards. “She certainly seems to respond to visual stimuli.”

— Senate Majority Leader, and ESP enthusiast Bill Frist, diagnosing the viability of Terri Schiavo’s brain

The autopsy doesn’t lie. Guess lynch-loving Frist doesn’t have a promising career as a ponificating mainstream media medical “expert”, based on that lousy, biblically-based diagnosis.

Terri Schiavo, a Florida woman who died in March after a fierce right-to-die battle that went all the way to the White House, was massively and irreversibly brain-damaged, pathologists announcing the results of an autopsy said on Wednesday. The results supported clinical findings and the contention of her husband that Schiavo had been in a “persistent vegetative state” since collapsing 15 years earlier from a cardiac arrest that deprived her brain of oxygen, said Dr. Stephen Nelson, a forensic pathologist who assisted in the autopsy.

She would not have been able to form any cognitive thought,” said Nelson, speaking with Pinellas County Medical Examiner Jon Thogmartin at a news conference. “There was a massive loss of brain tissue.”

During a long and bitter family feud over Schiavo’s fate, courts consistently ruled in support of Schiavo’s husband and legal guardian, Michael Schiavo, that Schiavo would not have wanted to live in such a state. A persistent vegetative state meant she was unable to think, feel or interact with her environment. The autopsy found no amount of therapy would have helped to regenerate Schiavo’s brain, and determined she was blind, belying videotapes that appeared to show her eyes following objects. The videos were cited by her parents’ supporters as proof she should be kept alive.

Schiavo’s brain weighed about half of what a healthy human brain would, Thogmartin said. “Her brain was profoundly atrophied … This damage was irreversible.”

[UPDATE: Ask and ye shall receive, Ms. Julien…Here are the comments from Freeperland. They are turning on one another over this one. And bonus points! They raise the corpses of Ron Brown and Vince Foster for good measure.]

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

“Remember the lost Xrays of foster? Until we see the xrays of her entire body on the internet, I say the fix is in.”

“They made 247 images. Which ones do you need?”

“Manner of death: Murdered by husband and judge.” Insert THAT on the death certificate.”

“Hmmmm…all this time I thought her “manner of death” was dehydration and starvation.”

“Well, duh! Michael Schiavo needed to legalize his wife’s murder & Judge Greer needed to legitimize Michael Schiavo’s murder of his wife. Both accomplished their goals.”

“This official autopsy is so Orwellian. Why didn’t they just examine her and try to feed her BEFORE they killed her? It’s obvious this was meant to obstruct any wrongful death lawsuit against the state.”

“What doesn’t change is that her parents wanted to care for her and keep her alive, whatever her state, while her husband wanted her to die. Why Schiavo was so intent on letting her die, is what was, and remains, suspect. Just plain meanness, perhaps.”

“No surprises after all this time . The fix was in .. … ..”

“I doubt it’s common practice for a medical examiner to take x-rays of an entire body in most cases, let alone to release them to the general public.”

“Meanness? Absolutely. But the real motive is greed. There’s money involved and Michael Schiavo wanted plus to legitimize his children. Wouldn’t surprise me to learn that ole Mikey was going out on Terri, playing a Scott Peterson act, before Terri “collapsed”.”
“Why didn’t they just examine her and try to feed her BEFORE they killed her?”

“Do you mean the medical examiner? He generally doesn’t perform autopsies before the patient is declared dead.”

“It’s obvious this was meant to obstruct any wrongful death lawsuit against the state.”

“Fix is in?…Why would a Coroner (DR) jeopardize everything to make a false report…you conspiracy theorists amaze me He would have everything to lose. Granted the Schiavo case stinks, but it’s over.”

“Apparently, there was enough evidence to show that Terri didn’t want to live in a vegetative state forever. Her wishes were deemed more important than those of her parents.”

“I should point out that Bill Pryor was one of the 11th circuit judges who refused to hear the case, and he’s certainly no euthanasia activist.”

“The case is over, but the many questions, both ethical and legal that it raised remain worthy of discussion. One hopes adults can discuss these issues without setting their hair on fire or spewing venom.”

“I seem to recall that the examiner was going to have an “observer” in on the autopsy, but at the last minute forbade any observation. It is not unusual to have bystanders and witnesses at an autopsy–and if an examiner wants to cover his rear for any reason, it’s a real good idea for him to have witnesses. If I had been the examiner, I would have wanted a roomful for this contentious case.”

“The Medical Examiner convinced me that I got this one wrong. Live and learn.”

“Newsflash…You can do now medical exams on people while they’re alive. You do them in places called “hospitals.” Starving and dehydrating her to examine her is about as smart as the middle ages pracice of bleeding a person to death to heal them. But it makes sense to your stunted mind I’m sure.”

“What the ME has accomplished in this case by refusing to have an independent observer in the room, is to simply leave the case perpetually open. Nothing has been changed or accomplished by the autopsy. Even if he is correct in his findings, he is not credible because Pinellas County has been so rife with corruption even before the Schiavo case.”

“Where did those xrays of broken bones we were told about go to?”

“They did not exist. What was flaunted so obscenely here was a bone *scan* (showing what the MI told y’all today) and an edited deposition by one of the radiologists. We’d been trying to tell y’all these things for months, but we were shunned for bringing up those supposedly irrelevant (but actually just pesky) *facts*, so they could feed you blatant lies without contradiction. Speaks volumes about the integrity of the bone scammers, IMO.”

“She was examined many, many times by medical doctors while alive, but you seem to be unaware of that fact. If it makes you feel better about your ignorance to call me names in the manner of a 10-year-old child, have at it.”

“It’s over? Not by a long shot. The managed care/ long term care insurance companies need to speed up the dying process a la Schiavo or they will go bankrupt. Too many old folks on the hor
izon. The baby boomers will sink them if they can’t find a way to get rid of them. With the help of the Florida legislature and courts they found a very good way.”

“You bet. I would like to see analyze these Xrays like many freepers did with Ron Brown. That was some good analysis back in the day. Any old timers remember?”

“Actually it sounds to me that the ME did a good job, and an unbiased 1. I could be wrong, but it seems so.

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