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Weird Night on Poodle Beach

Driving home tonight there were whales quite close to the shore stretching for nearly a mile, all the way up to the house. We came inside and discovered there had been an earthquake not far away and we were now under tsunami warning. The police came and with help from the valiant dogs they cleared the beach. Much appreciation to everyone who contacted us worried about our safety, but we are okay, and if things get funky we will head for the hills.

We are reminded of the words of the late Stiv Bators. One night he was sitting around watching a tape of the Stones concert in Hyde Park following the death of Brian Jones, where a preening Mick Jagger opened Shelley’s Adonais and said he thought a few words from the poet were applicable to Brian’s life.

“Yeah, swim stupid,” said Stiv.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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