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I swear, these guys are suffering from PMS

Prehistoric Man Syndrome.

Boy, this is rich (in more ways than one). Where to begin? I was reading all the slamming posts by enraged girlfriend bloggers today, weighing in on the Kos “Pie Fight ad-and-his-dumbass dismissive reply to feminists” — and checking out the subsequent dustup that has popped up around the blogosphere. The “crowd who dares not shave their legs” (thanks, the unfortunate Mr. Balloon Juice) have had plenty to say on this — just a sampling:

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Which brain are these blogger guys thinking with?

And why are they afraid to discuss thorny gender issues with women that might have a different perspective? The insecurity continued around the blogosphere — Dems won’t win as long as women/wimmen/womyn/man-vessels/walking wombs/monthly-cycling p*ssies have the gall to think that political issues that have direct impact on their lives might be important. We’re just all about hormones. I’m waiting for a “baking cookies” remark right about now.

For A-List male bloggers, the organ below the belt is apparently in control when it comes to these issues. It’s truly disturbing that these guys just can’t seem to get it through their thick, juicy heads that it’s not the Real Gilligan’s Island faux lesbo ad, it’s Kos’s demeaning attitude toward what he terms the “sanctimonious women’s studies set” that rankled. He didn’t take these women seriously.

Look, I love boobies, and do shave my legs, so I don’t know where that places me on the Kos continuum of pesky women that actually think and may disagree from time to time with those of the “testicular fortitude set.” What emerged in his response appears to reflect some deep-seated insecurities on the part of Kos and the top-tier male blog kingmakers that came to his defense…

Bag-man Gilliard for Kos: ‘It’s all about his Benjamins’

I didn’t think it would get to this juvenile, brain-dead level so quickly, but Kos apologist/attack dog Steve Gilliard actually brought it down to the bottom line, exactly where I predicted the discourse would end up when no one could come up with a real defense for Kos’s vitriol — it’s all about the money. I mentioned this in the comments of my original post:

I think Kos has a blind spot, a big one (due to his need to make money from ads) when it comes to what some in his community might find offensive. That’s his call, but it doesn’t mean he shouldn’t get flak for it when he makes the choice.

He could have replied in a civil manner, but his knee-jerk response exposed a sexist streak — and he needed a few lessons in reader response etiquette. If he’s going to be a Big Boy BloggerTM of influence, then perhaps he needs to set up a standard reader response form in lieu of the etiquette lessons when this sort of thing occurs.

But on to Gillard…what a bootlicker. Let me drag the f*cking tiny violin out again..:

Look, this isn’t a game. You don’t get to make your little points for free. If he did what you said, he loses a couple of grand up front and possibly five figures down the road. Have you ever asked how he would make up that money? He isn’t running a charity. He runs a business which you get to use for free. I would think that would be a consideration before you start to lecture him on your personal offense. If he loses money, you lose access. Simple as that. He isn’t running a dotcom, he has to make a profit toi keep the site running.

It’s how he feeds his kid and pays his rent. So no wonder he told you to piss off. It’s only a matter of minor offense for you. It’s food for him. It’s bandwidth for him. It’s a new server for him. You’re talking about feeling offended. Offense doesn’t pay the bills. He can afford to offend you a lot easier than TBS or other people who pay for his site. Think about his content. Think how hard it was for the guy at TBS to first, sell advertising on blogs, then advertising on Kos. That was no small deal, trust me. If Kos had pulled that ad, I think any TW company would have a hard time dealing with him again.

Waah, waah, get some Huggies or Pampers out and a pacifier while you’re at it. Yawn. Here we are at the crossroads — it’s about DKos as a business. Thank you. Now we all know what it’s all about; just like the MSM, or any other business venture, it means accepting any ads that pay the bills. After all, Kos ran the homo-baiting Metrospy ad back in April, either:

Metrospy is a designer and marketer of politically conservative apparel, gifts and accessories. The company”s target consumers are the growing number of young Republican conservatives ages 18 – 35.” Not exactly Kos’s audience, eh? Yeah, rip off buxxx from conservatives his loyal Kossacks said. But that’s not the problem — it’s the gay-baiting message in the ad itself – did Kos see anything wrong with this? Nope.

But back to Steve’s stimulating defense of his Main Man against the scary, hairy women. He’s particularly offensive here, because he feels the need to “school” those that are too dim to see the “greater goal” of supporting DKos as the shining beacon of progressive community, and that we should suck it up. Ah, DKos is sounding more and more like the lame-ass, corporate slug MS
M that we complain about. Cue the violin once more, with feeling:

If you want Kos to run, you have to cut him a little slack, you need to cut all of us a little slack. He needs the money. So do we all. The people to complain to are the people who made the ad, not the people who run it. What is the greater goal? Having a successful site or making sure everyone isn’t offended. And save the lectuires on commerce. You cannot run his site for free or by asking people to kick in. He needs steady income. It’s a business and he makes business decisions like everyone else does.

This is about survival. Making sure Kos is profitable is critical for the rest of us to succeed. I think if TBS wants to pay for liberal activism, even with a cheesy ad, let them. If you don’t like the ad, tell them. But don’t get into a debating circle when you think your issue is the only one, and when in reality it is not. This is not about the exploitation of women, but keeping the site running. And unless you have a new blogads client for him, I don’t think your concerns and lectures are going to pay his bills.

I guess the Benjamins are what Kos refers to when he says, “Me, I’ll focus on the important shit.

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