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The results are in — moeman, Anyanka and Wanda predicted it — he skated.

MandT gets extra points for suggesting that he now qualifies for a desk job at the Vatican.

I have to say, I’m stunned.

Update: Listening to the jury speak, they all seemed to hate the mother. Someone in the press finally asked “well, would you feel okay about letting your kid sleep with Michael Jackson?” and Juror #10, who is a mother, snapped her gum and said she was extremely protective of her own child, and what kind of a mother would let her son do that. Then they all piled on about what a bitch the mother was, and how much they all disliked her. It seems to me like they knew something wrong happened, but they disliked the mother more than they disliked Michael Jackson, and so if it was going to be him vs. her, they were picking him. Then they all said they were really impressed with the abililty to sit there and look at big stars up close.

The defense did their job well in picking that jury. They all seem a bit slack-jawed and credulous.

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