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Falwell's legal lackey wants to intervene in NY marriage case

Falwell’s legal bootlicker is Matthew Staver of Liberty Counsel. Its motto is “Restoring the Culture One Case at a Time by Advancing Religious Freedom, the Sanctity of Human Life and the Traditional Family.”

Wingnut web rag AgapePress says that Falwell’s legal arm, Liberty Counsel, is trying to weasel its way into presenting oral arguments against a same-sex marriage case that is pending before a NY court.

Last year, homosexual activists sued to overturn marriage laws in New York state. Since then New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has come out in favor of same-sex marriage, making public statements to that effect. Mat Staver, president of Liberty Counsel, has filed a motion to intervene in the pending legal matter. “It’s very clear that the City of New York is not vigorously defending this case,” he says.

If any case begs for intervention by independent parties to defend the marriage laws, it’s this case,” Staver asserts, “and so we’re asking the court now to grant us actual party status to take over part of this defense to preserve the laws in New York regarding marriage.”

The Liberty Counsel spokesman does not feel Mayor Bloomberg can or will mount an adequate defense of traditional marriage laws in New York, considering his publicly stated position. “It’s just the most unjust situation,” he contends, “when you have the mayor and his staff, [who are] supposed to be defending the laws of marriage in New York … and they’ve come out with a statement that says they support same-sex marriage.”

Traditional marriage statutes are based on laws that “have been known for millennia of human history,” Staver insists, and yet it would appear that Bloomberg and his people have aligned their thinking with the radical, pro-homosexual movement. “Obviously, we can’t be very confident that they’re going to give a strong defense, and that’s why we need to be there at the table,” Staver says.

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