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Out washing the queermobiles…and check out Shakes Sis today

The Subaru Outback and Ford Focus wagons.

No blogging yet today. Will be on later. Right now Kate and I are out washing the cars — we haven’t done this since before winter and they are just nasty. All the winter crap, plus the spring pollen. It’s disgusting.

Anyway, here’s are earlier Blend posts about cars, since we own a Subaru Outback and a Ford Focus, both queer-friendly automakers…

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Bonus post, since my family owned a 1973 Ford Pinto wagon:

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I haven’t had time to post on this today, but I’ve IMed/emailed Shakes Sis about this a bit earlier, please go read her entry, “Democrats Can’t Win Because of Me.” It’s infuriating. The schism on the Left between the male powers that be (both elected and self-appointed big dogs in the blogosphere) and lefty women political bloggers is widening, and it is beginning to generate discussion all over. There will be a lot more here and elsewhere about this topic…Sis’s post:

Democrats Can’t Win Because of Me
Or so I’m told. Me and the rest of “the crowd who dares not shave their legs.”

During the last election, the “Sex and the City” vote was all the rage, with both Dems and the GOP trying their best to woo single women. (Remember W is for Women?) During the run-up to the election, BusinessWeek Online noted:

They’re America’s 46 million unmarried women — a group that ranges from never-marrieds just out of college to single mothers, middle-aged divorcées, and widows. Despite their differences, these women have two things in common: deep economic insecurity and a tendency to turn out for Democrats when they vote — by a 30-percentage-point margin in some polls.

The prospect of shaping Sideline Singles into a voting bloc has liberal activist groups in a lather. After all, says Democratic pollster Anna Greenberg of Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, if unmarried women had voted in the same proportions as their wedded sisters in 2000, some 6 million more voters would have gone to the polls — and most would have punched the chad for Al Gore…

“One of the reasons we keep hearing for not voting is ‘politicians don’t listen to people like me,”‘ says NOW President Kim Gandy. “But if we get enough of this demographic to vote, politicians will have to listen. It’s about achieving critical mass.”

Just a thought, but perhaps a bigger part of the reason Democrats can’t win elections is because they, and a certain contingent of Dem bloggers, continue to show contempt for women.

Especially the ones who suggest they ought to stop.

Go join the discussion.

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