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Interesting "warming trend" facts from Facing South

Chris Kromm over at Facing South, the blog of the Durham-based Institute for Southern Studies shares some global warming factoids:

INSTITUTE INDEX – Fiddling While the World Burns

Square miles of Southern coasts at risk of “tidal inundation” in the next century due to rising sea levels from global warming: 24,500

Square mileage of the state of West Virginia: 24,231

Percent by which “minority” residents are more likely to die in a heat wave: 100%

Percent that heat-related deaths could increase due to climate change, according to a study of 15 U.S. cities: 90%

Number of countries whose scientific academies have declared the risk of climate change is certain enough to demand “prompt action”: 11

Amount Exxon Mobile has paid to groups and people, including a Fox News correspondent, to downplay climate change risks: $8 million

Factor by which British newspapers covered global warming issues more than U.S. papers in a 2000 study: 3:1

Other stories to take a look at while over at the blog:

* Texas Rep. Aims to Ban Community Internet, on Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Texas) introduction of a bill that would ban free or low-cost “Community Internet” access across the country. Note that Sessions is a shill for the telecom industry. Big surprise, huh?

* Rehnquist Should Take Out a Restraining Order, which is lays out the frightening prospect of a Sen. John (Box Turtle) Cornyn (R-Texas) Supreme Court nomination. Cornyn’s been a shill for the Bush machine in Texas, and his view of the Supreme Court? It should merely be “an enforcer of political decisions made by elected representatives” and courts should “obey a legislature’s directives.” Nice.

Facing South just turned four months old — happy birthday! The Institute does great, award-winning investigative journalism in its publication, Southern Exposure, and is worth checking out:

If you’d like to get more involved with the Institute and our work for justice, democracy and peace in the South, here are some things you may be interested in:

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