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Yes, these are real…

Yellow is greenSheep urine cuts pollution. A British bus company is testing a new secret weapon to reduce polluting emissions – sheep urine. Stagecoach has fitted a bus in Winchester with a tank containing the waste, reports the Guardian. The urine is sprayed into exhaust fumes to reduce emissions of harmful nitrous oxides. Andrew Dyer, managing director of Stagecoach South, said: “It is a novel way of reducing pollution but we believe it will work. “This is the latest in green technology and we believe it will help make our cities better places to be for the public.” …The urine is collected by the fertiliser industry from farmyard waste and refined into pure urea, which is then sold on to be used in the green engine technology. Ammonia from the urea reacts with nitrous oxides in the exhaust fumes and converts them to nitrogen gas and water, which is released as steam.

96-year-old driver fights to keep licence after 20mph police chase. One of Scotland’s oldest motorists was convicted of careless driving yesterday after he swerved on to a grass verge to avoid police, after a 20mph “chase” along a busy A-road. Herbert Street, 96, was trying to get his F-reg Fiat Punto to a garage after its engine started to overheat. But, halfway there, there was so much steam coming from under the bonnet that he slowed right down as he drove along the A75 Gretna to Stranraer Euroroute. Another motorist alerted police, and when officers tried to stop Mr Street’s car – which he calls Maggie Jane after his late wife – he mounted the verge in an attempt to get past. He was eventually stopped, breathalysed and had his car impounded…Of the incident in January, he explained: “The police said I was driving to get away from them, but it was just that I couldn’t see very well because of all the steam coming out of the engine – I wanted to be as safe as possible.

‘Killer cow’ arrested in Nigeria. Police in Nigeria have detained a cow after it killed a bus driver. The stray animal attacked the man from behind as he was urinating on a motorway near the country’s commercial city of Lagos, a police spokesman said. “As the man fell down, the cow repeatedly hit him with its hooves and horns until he died,” spokesman Olubode Ojajuni told the AFP news agency. Mr Ojajuni said police were now seeking the cow’s owner who would be charged for failing to control the animal.

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