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Catholic church payout over pedophiles over $1B

How high can it go — the figure is just mind-blowing. At this point the church is now ethically and morally bankrupt as well. But what does the church spend its time talking about? Gay marriage and its supposed fradulence. Balls. (AP):

The cost to the U.S. Roman Catholic Church of sexual predators in the priesthood has climbed past $1 billion, according to tallies by American bishops and an Associated Press review of known settlements.

And the figure is guaranteed to rise, probably by tens of millions of dollars, because hundreds more claims are pending.

…The Rev. Thomas Doyle, who left a promising career with the church to help represent victims, had warned the bishops in 1985 that abuse costs could eventually exceed $1 billion.

“Nobody believed us,” said Doyle, a canon lawyer. “I remember one archbishop telling me, `My feeling about this, Tom, is no one’s ever going to sue the Catholic Church.”

One hero priest: Canon lawyer Rev. Thomas Doyle, received the 2003 Isaac Hecker Award for Social Justice for his “unwavering efforts to bring justice to victim-survivors of clergy sexual abuse.” He also won of a Priest of Integrity Award from the Catholic organization Voice of the Faithful.

Asked about the figure, a spokesman for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Monsignor Francis Maniscalco, said church leaders believe the payouts “should be just to all sides.” He said victims deserve compensation, but the church must also have enough money to continue serving parishioners.

The bishops are set to meet in Chicago next week to review their plan for protecting youngsters.

The exact financial effect on the church is hard to determine, since each diocese owns property separately and settles cases on its own. Insurance policies cover some costs, but policies differ across the country. And in many places, the coverage has run out.

Hat tip to Ms. Julien.

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