Way down here you need a reason to move
Feel a fool running your stateside games

See ya, suckers….. Posted by Hello

TBogg, a wholly owned subsidiary of TBogg LLC is going on hiatus for a week as Mrs. TBogg, the lovely and talented Casey and I head off for a little vacation by taking a cruise down Mexico way. Now I could continue to blog from the ship except:

A) I’ve got some reading to get caught up on. (For those interested: this , this, and this)
B) At 75 cents per minute on-board…well, I love you guys, but it’s not a $45 an hour kinda-love. You know, like the kind of $45 an hour love you get downtown.
C) I need to reacquaint myself with my family since we haven’t had a vacation together in three years.
D) I need a breather, which will allow me to come back tan, rested, and ready snarkier.

Yes. It’s all about me and my needs.

And don’t think this isn’t a hardship on me. Oh no. As a notorious people-shunner I’m faced with the prospect of sitting at tables or in a deckchair and having to “chit-chat” (shudder) with strangers who may very well be axe-murderers, pedophiles, or Amway recruiters. I’ve spent the last few months coming up with ways that will allow me to avoid any possible conversation that might rear it’s ugly head including responding to every question or comment by saying “I like the boat!” in an overly loud voice. Originally I was just going to carry around a copy of The 120 Days of Sodom, but then I figured it might instead draw the wrong element (coughAmwaypeoplecough) into my orbit and that just wouldn’t do.

In the meantime please patronize the wonderful bloggers listed to the left (no…your other left. …honestly…) and make sure that you contribute here to ensure that I don’t come home to the states only to have to live in a gulag.

That would suck.

By the way…I’m going to miss the release of this. I am displeased but I’m going nonetheless….

el tbogg ha salido de la casa

(Added): Satchmo and Beckham will be spending the week at their vet. Four years ago we boarded Satchmo with his vet and took the opportunity to have him “fixed”. Since that time we have explained to him over and over that he was at a “spa” and they lost his “luggage”. He’s still not buying it.

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