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No wonder McCain is skipping this AZ Repug Convention

Those were the days: hugging Chimpy isn’t going to cut it with your hometown crew, John.

If John McCain plans an ’08 presidential bid, he won’t any support from this homegrown wingnut crowd. I guess this would be considered a badge of honor, considering the over-the-top wingnuttery of this proposed censure by the Arizona Republican Assembly. (Arizona Conservative):

In recent years, Senator McCain has shown little regard for the party or its principles while consorting with Democrats and grandstanding for another presidential run.

Last month, McCain led a group of seven moderate and liberal Republicans in making an agreement with seven Democrats which undermined Senate President Bill Frist’s desire to change the rule on cloture of filibusters. As a result, it may be more difficult to get some of President Bush’s pro-life, conservative judicial nominees confirmed. McCain has been vilified ever since for his betrayal to the GOP. He has also betrayed party faithful throughout his amnesty legislation, constitutionally-challenged campaign finance reform and other controversial stands.

McCain was re-elected last year. But a 2001 recall effort against him was discontinued because of the September 11th Al Quaida attacks on the United States.

The following resolution will be proposed at Saturday’s ARA convention, discussed and voted on:

Whereas, Senator John McCain deserted the ranks of the Republican Party and the Leadership of the United States Senate on the issue of the judicial nominees of President George W. Bush, leading to the stalling of the President’s agenda for judicial reform,

Whereas, Senator John McCain led the Democratic Party in reforming campaign finance leading to the orgy of spending in the 2004 elections;

Whereas, Senator John McCain has seriously considered the possibility of running for President on a split ticket with a Democrat;

Whereas, Senator John McCain is presently working with his Democratic soul mate, the Senior Senator of Massachusetts to draft a reform of the Immigration Policy of the United States after years of neglect,

Whereas, Senator John McCain has been missing in action to wit; his responsibilities to represent the citizens of the State of Arizona,

Be it resolved that the Arizona Republican Assembly here assembled on June 11, 2005 in Scottsdale Arizona takes the following actions:

The Arizona Republican Assembly officially and publicly censures Senator John McCain for desertion of his duty to the President and Senate Leadership; for his consistent actions supporting the Democratic Party; and, his abandoning his responsibilities as a representative of the citizens of Arizona.

You get the idea. All the nominally moderate Repugs that saved the filibuster are going to get this type of treatment. One has to wonder what kind of traction they will have at re-election time.

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