Thin-skinned little dink, isn’t he?

Mike Adams, who has lots of guns (did he mention that he has lots of guns?…because he does have lots of guns) goes on another of his little warpaths (one in which he will use many of his guns of which he has lots) against another person who has slighted him (and his guns etc. etc.). But what is amusing is Mike takes subtle personal offense with this person because they…well, we’ll let you see if you can pick it out:

Here’s part of what Rita had to say:

“Carrying the banner of higher education, Mr. [sic] Adams today promoted the proliferation of firearms and tied this policy directly to the credentials and advancement of college Republicans. He encouraged conservative college students to promote the establishment of campus chapters of the National Rifle Association, and to align themselves on the other hand with pro-life advocates. I fail to understand the natural relation between guns and a “pro-life” position. It seems to be a progression in logic that is understandable only to Mr. [sic] Adams and his young acolytes. Mr. [sic] Adams reflects poorly on the entire University of North Carolina academic community…”

It seems that Rita isn’t showing proper deference to Mr. [sic] Adams because Mr. [sic] Adams is actually Dr. Adams and he just sic of nobody noticing. And so each night he goes home to his wife, Krysten and she consoles him with:

“Dinner is ready, Dr. Adams!”
“Would you please take out the trash, Dr. Adams?”
“It happens to all guys, Dr. Adams.”
“We’d have kids Dr. Adams if you weren’t shooting blanks.”

Which explains why he has all of those guns. Did he mention the guns?

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