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Looks like the AFA suspended its Ford boycott

Donald and Tim Wildmon have to eat a little crow, lololol.

That cave-in was fast. I just posted about the American Family Association’s Ford boycott last week. The automaker was too gay-friendly for the AFA’s taste, so they unleashed the wingnuts. Guess they couldn’t drum up much interest from the AmTaliban crowd, particularly after having caved on their Disney boycott just before announcing this “effort.”

Following a meeting with a group of Ford dealers, AFA has suspended its boycott of Ford Motor Company until December 1, 2005. In the meeting, the dealers asked for time to see if the concerns raised by AFA in their boycott announcement could be addressed by them in cooperation with officials from Ford Motor Company.

AFA felt that the dealers were making a good faith effort and agreed to accept their request. Therefore, the suspension request was accepted by AFA. During the remaining period AFA will work with the dealers in attempting to resolve our differences.

We urge those supporting the boycott to disregard the boycott until December 1, 2005.

(via AMERICABlog)

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Pam Spaulding