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Follow-up love note to Durham from Fred Phelps

We love you too, Rotting Cryptkeeper.TM

I did a check back at the Westboro Baptist Church’s God Hates Fags web site, and it looks like one of its “members” wrote up a little piece on their trip to Durham last month. It’s a document packed with lies, but it’s an entertaining read. Here’s a snippet of the air kiss from Topeka:

After hugs and farewells, several ambassadors of Christ left Westboro Baptist Church at 5:30 am to travel to Durham, NC. Jon, Kay, Ben, Mara, Sara, Joe, Hezekiah, Grace and Josiah were scheduled to picket Durham School of the Arts, Duke University and various fag-enabling whorehouses masquerading as churches. [NOTE: one of the churches picketed was St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, which also had a cross burned on its property a couple of weeks ago. No one has made a connection to Phelps — or local yahoos that WBC might have riled up.]

After having extensive discussions about Nehemiah 13, Ezekiel 33, and Judges 19 on the airplane, we arrived in Durham, the City of Medicine (a.k.a., the City of Whores, a.k.a. the City of Bastards). Our first picket was at Duke University. Before even breaking out a single sign, a vile, old, crusty SoulForce fag drove his vehicle at WBC children who were walking down the side of a back road. [LIES] (Apparently the way to combat “spiritual violence” is to resort to good old-fashioned aggravated assault.) The picket was wonderful. We had lots of traffic and lots of media. Later, we were the second story on the evening news. Hezekiah was interviewed, saying that the Pope is in Hell because he taught that God loves everyone. Grace said to thank God for 9-11 because you should thank God for everything and thank Him He didn’t kill you. Kay said “God Hates.”

The losers of WBC.

Later that night was the main event – “The Laramie Project” at Durham School of the Arts. Duke University students were allegedly putting together a group calling itself “Peacefully Packing the Pavement.” We like to call them “Violently Packing the Fudge.” Their stated goal was to go out on the sidewalk at 6:30 and pack it with so many people that WBC wouldn’t have any room to stand. So we showed up at 6:15. At 6:30, there were approximately zero perverts packing the pavement. At 6:40, there were approximately 50 perverts packing the grass across the street. By 7:00, around 150 total fags and fag-enablers had trickled in. Peppered among the fags were some nominal “Christians” (a.k.a., fag-enablers) whose doctrine was “Don’t Judge, Don’t Condemn, Don’t Rebuke.” Featured among the fags and fag-enablers was a gender-confused soul who was under the false impression that she was a male, and a species-confused, corpulent, oily fellow who was apparently in the middle of his transition from human to pig.

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