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AmTalibaners go after AFL-CIO for opposing marriage amendment

MI State Sen. Mike Goschka thinks union members are common-sense people who know that God never intended for homosexuals to marry

It’s time to send a little love to the AFL-CIO, as its the latest organization to be bashed by the Reich for nixing support of a federal anti-gay marriage amendment. From the unhinged Aaron Atwood, associate editor of the Focus of the Family web site:

The AFL-CIO is lobbying against the Marriage Protection Amendment (MPA)—an effort to constitutionally define marriage as between one man and one woman. The organization represents 58 national and international labor unions and more than 13 million workers, but its policies are liberal compared to the people it represents. The march toward the left by a few in leadership misrepresents what most rank-and-file union members hold as deep convictions.

Ken Boutwell, a Mississippi union worker with Georgia-Pacific is going on the offensive. He and what he calls “a few men standing with me” have created a Web site to petition John Sweeney, the AFL-CIO president, to change his stand on the issue of marriage. Though cumbersome to type,, is a tool Boutwell hopes workers will use to stop AFL-CIO activism. “Sweeney has sold us out,” Boutwell said. “Unions are supposed to be democratic and give people a choice. When Sweeney and his council speak for 13 million workers about an issue this important . . . he’s supposed to represent the body.”

An open letter to Sweeney, sent today and signed by pro-family groups and union members across the nation, stated, “We’re further troubled by the expectation that you will use the dues and fees you collect as a condition of employment from employees who strongly oppose homosexual and transgender activists’ political agenda to pay for your political and lobbying activities in support of that agenda.

“Between now and your July convention, we and the pro-family organizations we represent will . . . do everything in our power to ensure that rank-and-file union members all across America are fully informed of the AFL-CIO’s endorsement of homosexual activists’ political agenda, particularly your formal opposition to state and federal constitutional protections for the institution of one-man, one-woman marriage.”

The agenda the letter speaks of is not hard to find. The AFL-CIO’s obvious partisanship is evidenced in its “Pride At Work” constituency group.

…”Are You A Proud Union Queer?” the site asks. “Thinking about getting inked? Well before you take the plunge, maybe you should take a second and try one of Pride At Work’s new temporary tattoos, just in time for Gay Pride! The message is simple, ‘PROUD UNION QUEER.'”

“It appears that the AFL-CIO wants to keep this a secret,” Burress said. “There are no press releases or communications because they know the rank-and-file would be adamantly opposed to negotiating special rights just because someone says they are homosexual.

“Someone’s sexual orientation is a private matter and this agenda is opening Pandora’s Box.

Mike Goschka is a Michigan senator in the 32nd district for Saginaw and Gratiot counties. He is a member of the United Steelworkers Union, an affiliate of the AFL-CIO and said he thinks this is an issue much like abortion…Union members, said Goschka, are common-sense people who know that God never intended for homosexuals to marry.

“The average person in the shop may not be hugely involved in church matters or politics but they have a respect for the things of the Lord. You’d very find few atheists among union members.” Goschka notes that these are not stereotypical “gay bashers” but rather folks that see the natural order of things.

Steve Conner, a United Auto Workers member agrees. “I understand nuts and bolts you know,” Conner said, referring to the unnatural aspect of homosexual unions.

Visit the AFL-CIO site to view the resolution, “Support for the Full Inclusion and Equal Rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender People in the Workplace“.

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