Locking up our top spot on The Worst List List

Amanda has it…

There are two reasons to put together a “women in music” list. One is to highlight talented women who would get the attention and credit they deserve if they weren’t constantly fighting an uphill battle against sexism. Lists made like this function to expand the audience’s horizons and inspire female fans to look beyond the traditional option of groupie towards being musicians themselves, or at least towards relating to the music in “male” ways like being a music geek. Lists like this are valuable and should be encouraged.

And then you have dribble like this that can barely justify its existence. #1 is Jennifer Lopez, for fuck’s sake. I suppose there might be an argument for pointing out the most powerful and popular women in the industry, but I’m not sure I see it. The reason that women need to be singled out and appreciated is because of their powerlessness and to prevent their invisibility. No one thinks J. Lo or Madonna is invisible.

Celebrate #1

(Bonus fug)

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