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It’s this kind of ace reporting and commentary that’s going to make Pajamas Media&#153 the Voice of A New But Not Very Smart Generation:

June 06, 2005: Attention, Amnesty International!

An Iranian web writer arrested in a crackdown against online dissent has been sentenced to two years behind bars for “insulting the supreme leader” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Now let’s make a bet. Will Amnesty defend this real human rights abuse? Or how about this one – Abu Mus’ab Al-Zarqawi: Collateral Killing of Muslims is Legitimate? Or will they remain, in Orwell’s evocative phrase,”objectively pro-fascist”?

Roger’s first commenter posts this link:


Covering events from January – December 2004
Scores of political prisoners, including prisoners of conscience, continued to serve prison sentences imposed following unfair trials in previous years. Scores more were arrested in 2004, many in connection with press articles or publications both in print and on the Internet which were alleged to “endanger national security” or defame senior officials or religious precepts. Many of the families of those arrested also faced intimidation.

Independent human rights defenders were harassed. At least two individuals died in custody and 159 people were executed, including one minor. At least two of the 36 people who were flogged reportedly died following the implementation of the punishment; no investigations were carried out into these deaths. The true number of those executed or subjected to corporal punishment was believed to be considerably higher.

But as some of Roger’s brighter followers point out: AI doesn’t use the word “gulag” so it doesn’t count.

Three Card Monte was invented for people like this.

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