Round up all the chemotherapy criminals

Digby cuts to the chase on todays medical marijuana ruling which has just handed back to the lower courts exactly the type of cases they don’t want to handle. What fun! Let’s arrest people suffering from cancer and take away something that allows them to live out their last few days in relative comfort because life is all about pain and suffering and why should they get to turn on and drop out? Just explain the commerce clause to them while they puke up their guts over the toilet. They’ll understand.

In the midst of the Korner Kids trying to half-heartedly rationalize the Supreme Court’s ruling the incredibly loathesome Podhoretz lifts up his leg and cuts one and later will wonder why nobody wants to sit next to him at lunch..

I just want to say I support the Supreme Court decision, just because some Cornerite should say it so that the legalizers don’t take 100 percent of the airspace on the issue here. But rest assured that if they ever outlaw the use of Yodels for medicinal purposes, I will be first in line to storm the Court building.
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He’s making Jonah look more like Alexis de Tocqueville everyday.

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