Shortlisted for an American Wanker grant

You would think it would be impossible for The Corner to become even more idiotic, tone deaf, and low brow. But that was before hiring John Podhoretz who sneers at genius:

Tonight, on the Tony Awards, an actor named Bill Irwin won the Best Actor award for his performance in “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.” Irwin is best known as a so-called New Vaudevillian — a post-modern clown, is the best way of putting it. (Parents may know him as one of the two people who play “Mr Noodle” during the “Elmo’s World” segments on “Sesame Street.”) This isn’t very interesting, except for the fact that Irwin was one of the first people to win a MacArthur “genius grant” two decades ago.

Which means that he may be the only Genius Grant winner ever to amount to anything after getting his $250,000 prize.

Here are few previous recipients:

Walter Abish
John Ashbery
Andrea Barrett
Harold Bloom
Anthony Braxton
Joseph Brodsky
Robert Coles
Merce Cunningham
Jared M. Diamond
Andre Dubus
Marian Wright Edelman
William Gaddis
Ernest J. Gaines
Henry Louis Gates Jr.
Stephen Jay Gould
Allen Grossman
Irving Howe
Ruth Prawer Jhabvala
Charles Johnson (not that one)
William Kennedy
Brad Leithauser
Cormac McCarthy
James McPherson
Errol Morris
Richard Powers
Thomas Pynchon
Ishmael Reed
Adrienne Rich
Max Roach
John Sayles
Peter Sellars
Leslie Marmon Silko
Anna Deavere Smith
Susan Sontag
Cecil Taylor
Paul Taylor
Julie Taymor
Twyla Tharp
Derek Walcott
David Foster Wallace
Naomi Wallace
Colson Whitehead
John Edgar Wideman

Now my list is arts heavy so it doesn’t include all of the researchers, mathematicians, biologists, human rights advocates, economists, historians, and others (that can be found here) who didn’t have parents famous enough to get them a gig at a Murdoch paper just to get them out of the basement, but all in all, most of them do pretty good work. Granted…none of them is a Ron Howard, but then, who is?

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