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Friday celebrity bullsh*t

I know this is light stuff, but it’s Friday, for goodness sake!

I do read Us Weekly (it’s Katie’s subscription, not mine — haha — but it’s a guilty pleasure after devouring a stack of MSM newsmagazines and reading political crap all week). I actually posted a while back (“I am not paying attention to this trial and this is why“) about Michael Jackson pathetic sideshow. All you can do is say “WTF happened?”

Whatever the jury decides, the man-like being is FUBAR.

In other celebrity news, I couldn’t ignore the report on CNN today…it’s clear that Tom Cruise is losing it. I know that staying in the closet can cause mental and emotional distress — but he’s exhibiting symptoms of something quite similar, wouldn’t you say? Rumors about whether he is or isn’t gay have been floating around for years, but it’s hysterical to see the news media dancing all around that story, even while pooh-poohing that his “relationship” with starlet Katie Holmes is a publicity stunt. His sister, now his publicist (he dumped his star gatekeeper/flack Pat Kingsley a while back) says it is LUV.

Mr. Cruise’s spokeswoman, his sister Lee Anne De Vette, said she had not heard anything negative after the “Oprah” appearance. “You’re looking at someone who’s genuinely very happy,” she said. “The response we’ve gotten back is complete enthusiasm and exhilaration for his enthusiasm and exhilaration. He’s a very happy person.”

The loving couple…and a pissed Brooke Shields.

What his other manager kept in check is the mega-star’s slavish devotion to Scientology, which is now causing Cruise to publicly stick his foot in his mouth big time. War of the Worlds, directed by Steven Spielberg, is supposed to be a big summer flick for Tom, but he can’t seem to actually talk about the movie in his interviews. It’s either about his “romance” or the E-meter. They say even bad publicity is better than no publicity, but you’d have to doubt it after reading some of this in the NYT:

There have been other publicity hiccups related to Mr. Cruise’s increasingly public association with Scientology, the religion founded by the science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard. In a series of television interviews on “Access Hollywood” last week, the star spoke at length about his passion for Scientology, at one point criticizing Brooke Shields for taking anti-depressants: Scientology considers modern psychiatry and its medications to be harmful.

… Mr. Cruise’s insistence on making his religion a prominent part of his current work has raised some resistance in Hollywood. Some executives from the United International Pictures, which is releasing “War of the Worlds” overseas, complained earlier about being asked to take a four-hour tour of Scientology facilities in Los Angeles in late January.

And Mr. Cruise’s insistence on having a Scientology tent on the set of “War of the Worlds” created a conflict at Universal, where the movie was being shot, two executives involved said. The executives, who asked not to be identified to protect industry relationships, said that Mr. Cruise, his agent Kevin Huvane and Mr. Spielberg all had to appeal personally to the president of Universal Studios, Ron Meyer, for the tent to be permitted on the studio lot, where no solicitation is allowed.

All of this is making Paramount execs tied to upcoming Mission Impossible 3 queasy about this freakshow. I guess I’d be worried if I had $150 mil on the line and my potential star is having a PR meltdown/identity crisis.

See pix of his freakout on Oprah here.

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