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Rubbers scare the AFA, 'Bible Week' in AL, and Benny Hinn's in hot water

These unhinged people are really over the edge. Look at this nonsense coming from the American Family Association over a couple of condom ads.

Two television networks are breaking new ground tonight (June 1) and airing condom ads during prime time. A spokesman for the American Family Association says the networks are violating the public trust. NBC will be airing the Trojan condom ad during the show Law and Order after 10:00 Eastern time tonight. The WB television network will air the ad during the program Smallville after 9:00 p.m. Eastern time. Both networks say the ads are about responsibility and safety, but Randy Sharp with AFA says it is really just subjecting children to adult themes. “Now that that line is going to be crossed, we can only expect that these ads are going to get more risqué, they’re going to get more graphic, they’re going to get into an area which is has nothing to do with safety or health issues.” Sharp says it is no secret about the message either network wants to convey, especially when the ad runs during a popular teenage program like Smallville. He predicts the TV ads will eventually promote recreational use — much like the company’s current radio ads.

And here are a couple of additional wingnuttery specials, courtesy of AmTaliban propaganda organ, AgapePress:

* Alabama Governor Bob Riley will lead the National Bible Association’s efforts this year to promote the reading and study of the Bible. Riley’s office says the governor will declare November 20-27 “National Bible Week” in Alabama and will urge other governors to do the same in their states. In a statement, Riley says “God gave us the Bible as a constant source of moral and spiritual guidance.” The Alabama governor adds that the Bible “should be celebrated and read every day, but especially during the week of Thanksgiving.” The National Bible Association, formed in 1940, selects one governor and one mayor each year to serve as national chairs for Bible Week.

* And you know things are bad when the AmTaliban shoots down one of its own. This time they are going after the completely fraudulent “healing” evangelist, Benny Hinn, as if there aren’t dozens of other so-called ministers doing the same damn thing.

A religious media watchdog group says evangelist Benny Hinn’s World Healing Church should not qualify as a church. Earlier this year, Ole Anthony — president of the Trinity Foundation — submitted a three-inch-think report to the Internal Revenue Service in an effort to show that Hinn’s ministry failes to meet the IRS’s definition of a church. Hinn started a church in Orlando in 1983, then sold it in 1999. However, Benny Hinn Ministries (BHM) is still classified as a church. Anthony has a problem with that. “Claiming himself to be a church, he doesn’t have any accountability,” he asserts. “He has a revolving-door board of directors — in comes somebody who disagrees with him, he changes the board; and so he’s using that ministry [and] its well over a hundred million a year [that he is taking in] as his personal piggy bank.” According to Anthony, Hinn lives in a $10 million parsonage, has charged to the ministry hotel rooms costing thousands of dollars a night, and provided thousands of dollars to family members for “shopping sprees.” Anthony fears that Hinn’s action are “going to bring down the real churches if he keeps up these kinds of excesses.” The evangelist, he adds, has “absolutely no accountability — he’s just run amok.” It is because of Hinn’s refusal to be held accountable that has issued a “Donor Alert” [PDF] encouraging donors to prayerfully consider withholding contributions to the ministry. BHM officials were given more than two weeks to comment on this story but did not return repeated requests for interviews.

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