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I think Robert Knight secretly wants to let his hair down and get nasty

The male head of the Concerned Women for America’s Culture and Family Institute thinks about homos WAY too much.

This guy is wound so tight that I fully expect to hear he’s been busted soliciting a young kid in a dark alley, or caught in some kind of kinky encounter with a rent boy, or perhaps found cavorting with beasts in a video. Really, anyone that can place all the blame on gay folks for the high price of real estate (and the subsequent unaffordability to raise a family there) is a bit “touched.”

I suppose you can make a case for the exodus of families from San Francisco is due to the DINK factor (dual-income, no-kids), but that’s hardly a demographic solely made up of homos, last time I looked around my neighborhood. Plenty of single hets are doing exactly the same thing, and I don’t see Robert Knight blaming them…well, at least not YET. Straight, selfish allies…you’re next.

A pro-family leader says families have been driven out of San Francisco, California, because of the high cost of living and the increasingly family-unfriendly culture itself. According to an Associated Press report, San Francisco’s 18-and-under population is just 14.5 percent — the lowest percentage of children for any major city in the United States.

Robert Knight, director of the Culture and Family Institute, believes a major reason for this statistic is that San Francisco’s dominant subculture is prompting families to flee the city. That subculture, Knight contends, is largely made up of childless adult singles and couples — many of them homosexuals — who live well and who live mainly for themselves. “The homosexuals have enormous influence,” he says. “It’s a very artsy city, and everything’s very expensive. That’s one reason families can’t afford to live there anymore. It’s all geared toward either the single life or the two-income adult life without kids.”

Today in San Francisco, Knight points out, there is a proliferation of what used to be called “dinks,” or “dual income, no kids” households. Many of these are homosexual couples, and in a city where homosexuals represent 20 percent of the population, the pro-family leader says it is no surprise that there are so few children. “The homosexual lifestyle is about pleasing oneself,” the CFI spokesman asserts, “not planning for the future, not setting aside money for kids, not trying to create a situation where the generations come together. It’s about having fun. It’s about indulging in whatever desire you want at any given time.”

I t sounds like he’s aping Alan Keyes with a variation on “selfish hedonism” commentary.
Just for perspective, Knight is the dude that targets gays because of heterosexual child pornographer, says judges are out to destroy marriage at all costs, and that homos are taking over the nation’s capital.

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