If it’s good enough for dad, it’s good enough for the kids

I popped over last night to see what was going on with my good buddy Don Surber, whom you’ll remember is one of those It’s My Party and I’ll—Hey! Where Are You Going? types. Now Don hadn’t hit his stride as a blogger until Michelle ManglalangIHateBrownPeople gave him a link and, boy oh boy, ever since he got a taste of that sweet traffic lovin’ he’s been spashing on the Stetson and blogging up a storm. But like a light-hitting shortstop who lucks into a rare homerun, sometimes swinging for the fences at every at bat isn’t going to help your average. Take for example this post

History will record that the left lost the War on Terrorism because it focused on thwarting the re-election of President Bush, rather than on stopping terrorism. Within 10 days of the attack on Sept. 11, 2001, the left was saying: Democratic rights in America: the first casualty of Bush’s anti-terror war. Within two months this red herring had moved from the loony left to the mainstream left, a New York Times editorial on Nov. 16, 2001:

In his effort to defend America from terrorists, Mr. Bush is eroding the very values and principles he seeks to protect, including the rule of law.

Because, you see, if we don’t curtail our own freedoms the terrorists have won and if the terrorists win we won’t have freedom, so it’s better to give them up voluntarily to the white guys then have them wrenched from us by swarthy people and either way we’re going to lose them because freedom is so pre-9/11.

You get the idea.

Anyway, Don is all about the war on terrorism because it’s only a matter of time before the Islamofascists move on from New York City to Poca, West Virginia. I men, this is big, folks. Nothing less than Western Civilization is at stake here and every able-bodied man should run down to the recruiting office and lay his life on the line for motherhood, apple pie, and Poca, West Virginia.

Well, maybe not everybody.

You see last night when I stopped by Surber’s blog I asked, in comments, when Don’s boys would be dropping out of Marshall and signing up for the New American Crusade.

This morning we get this:

DonSurber said…

Personal attacks will NOT be tolerated.

Woah there little buckaroo. That was no personal attack. I just want to know why, if

“This war is the Big Picture.”

..the college-aged Surbers aren’t auditioning for a spot in the cast?

(Added: see above)

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