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Dobson 'Ex-Gay' sham Love Won Out touts Anne Heche's mom

Dobson and his “former homosexual” Love Won Out host, Mike Haley.

The James Dobson ‘ex-gay’ roadshow known as Love Won Out will be in Seattle this month — during Pride — as an alternative for questioning queers looking for a way to “go straight.” The special guest star of the event will be Anne Heche’s mom, of all people.

Focus on the Family will bring its international Love Won Out conference to Seattle on June 25, amidst the gay-pride activities planned for that weekend throughout the city. Northshore Baptist Church will host the one-day event, designed to educate and equip attendees on the issues surrounding homosexuality and provide help for those struggling — and those whose loved ones struggle — with unwanted same-sex attractions.

“As the homosexual life is celebrated in ‘gay-pride’ events throughout Seattle, we will be there to offer a different message – one of hope and healing for those who don’t share that sense of pride,” said Mike Haley, Love Won Out host and a former homosexual. “Thousands of men and women know firsthand that there is a way out of unwanted homosexuality. I am living proof that change can happen.”

Nancy Heche

In a brand-new addition to the Love Won Out lineup, the Seattle conference will feature Nancy Heche, offering insight to the parents and spouses of those involved in homosexuality. Heche is the mother of Anne Heche, the former lesbian partner of Ellen DeGeneres; she also lost her husband to a long battle with AIDS after he secretly lived a homosexual life during their marriage.

Thanks to House Blender Scott for the pointer.

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