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'Disabled and blind' woman drove pickled BF home

Guess this story is the bookend to the dumbest driver post on the Blend. Thankfully, this was in the UK.

A woman who is wheelchair-bound and “virtually blind” drove her boyfriend home after an evening drinking because he was so drunk, a court heard.

After crashing into two parked cars, Sheree Smith told police that she was not doing too badly until her legs seized up and her eyes “went blank”. She told officers: “I am virtually blind. I used to have a provisional licence years ago but I did not take my test as I’m scared of the road.

“The person who drives the car was drunk. As I turned into my road, my eyes went blank and my leg seized up. I could not move the brake and the clutch. I could not see. I had my hands over my eyes.”

(via Raw Story)

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