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Depraved Jim West asked to resign by city council

Dammit, just resign already.

Heaven knows this homo-bigot, de-closeted, accused pedophile needs a shrink. Badly. And he has no business running Spokane. He doesn’t even have the sense to step down and take a look at his life and what he has wrought — on the taxpayers’ dime. See JJ’s Big Brass Blog post on West’s Today Show appearance yesterday. (CNN):

The Spokane City Council unanimously asked Mayor James E. West to resign over allegations he misused his office and molested two children — claims the mayor vowed to fight from his post.

The seven-member council’s vote Tuesday evening was advisory. West can only be ousted by a citywide recall vote. “The city of Spokane is consumed by this issue, both inside and outside of City Hall,” council president Dennis Hession said in explaining his vote.

Hours before the vote, West, 55, appeared on NBC’s “Today” show in New York and denied any misuse of his office and the abuse allegations. He acknowledged he was a closeted homosexual, and called himself the victim of a “brutal outing.”

My mail and e-mails are running two to one in favor of me not resigning. You should not be run out for simple allegations because then you could run anybody out of office,” he said.

At the City Council meeting, the panel listened to 90 minutes of sometimes emotional testimony from Spokane residents. Supporters of the mayor said he had not been charged with, let alone convicted of, any crimes.

…”He exhibited abuse of power and moral depravity,” said Leslie Norman, another Spokane resident. “If he was an employee of any other company, he would be fired on the spot.”

The Spokesman-Review has reported allegations that West molested two boys in the late 1970s and early 1980s when he was a Boy Scout leader, and that he offered gifts, favors and jobs at City Hall to young men he met online. The mayor, 55, has denied those allegations but acknowledged having relations with adult men.

The former GOP majority leader in the state Senate also said Tuesday he was not being hypocritical when he opposed gay-friendly bills.

I voted to represent my legislative district in the Legislature. I was not an advocate,” West said. “I was not a leader of the charge in any of those cases. Every representative and every senator from my district voted the way I voted.”

OMG. He just doesn’t get it. Does he really think that making a pass at a state senator’s 18-year-old son (“I want to do to your son what no mother would want to know”) or any of the laundry list of sleazy stories are all made up? Come on Jim, get some help before you get locked up.

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