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AmTaliBaptists revive anti-public-school resolution

Texas pastor Grady Arnold’s wants to save the children from the evil of the public school system, which of course is full of heathens and homos.

The bible-beating Southern Baptist Convention is calling for its members to pull their children out of public schools, warning about the ‘toxic spiritual nature‘ of them. Read it and weep for joy. (WingNutDaily):

Similar to one that failed last year, this resolution also asks churches “to lovingly warn all of their members concerning the toxic spiritual nature of the government school system.”

Grady Arnold, a pastor in Texas who also directs, is submitting the measure along with David Scarbrough, minister of education at a Souther Baptist church in Tennessee.

“Southern Baptists have been playing the ‘ostrich with its head in the sand’ routine long enough,” Arnold said. “The time is way overdue that we acknowledge the devastating effects public school is having on the faith of our children.”

Arnold takes issue with Baptist leaders who argue that having their children in public schools is being “salt and light,” a Christian influence and witness.

But Arnold points to the denomination’s own data — the SBC Council on Family Life Report of 2002 — which says 88 percent of those Southern Baptist children after graduating from government high school are leaving the church.

The Arnold-Scarbrough Resolution: “(a) applauds Christians working in the government schools as missionaries, (b) calls on churches to warn their members of the devastating effects of sending their children to a totally secular institution for their education, (c) calls on churches to become aggressive and pro-active in starting Christian schools and in supporting homeschooling.”

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