Don says Rockies/A’s World Series a “total lock”

I would be remiss if I didn’t share this little tidbit about our buddy Don Surber from below. Now Don actually makes his living as a “columnist” for the Charleston Daily Mail, where he writes editorials with








(It really helps if you have emphysema when you read his work out loud)

Anyway, it appears that some people actually read Don (probably right after Marmaduke, but before Cathy) and it seems that way back in 2-ough-ought-3 Don had himself a bad case of the “premature exaltations”:

March 03, 2005
The term ‘quagmire’ now seems apt
Don Surber has sometimes erred in defending war

By W. Joseph Wyatt

On April 11, 2003, the Daily Mail’s Don Surber crowed about the fall of Baghdad, “Opponents of this war will never admit their error… Critics could not wait to blast the war plan. They should have. It worked.”

A week later, April 18, 2003, he wrote about the financial costs of the war, “Critics even got the price wrong. They said it would cost more than $80 billion. So far it has cost $20 billion and it might cost another $10 billion in the next six months.”

Meanwhile the war’s monetary costs have skyrocketed toward $280 billion, and the term “quagmire” seems increasingly apt.

If his earlier misperceptions concern him now, Surber hasn’t mentioned it to the rest of us.

On Jan. 22, he reiterated the administration’s “it’s all about freedom” rationale for the war. “A free world is a safe world. That is why we fight.”

What about the fact that there were no weapons of mass destruction? Many of us do not agree that the reasons to go to war are interchangeable.

Surber concluded his column that day, in part, by terming “ingrates” those who possess the temerity to point out that no weapons of mass destruction were found. Why “ingrates”?

It would benefit his readers if Surber would do some additional fact-checking, whether writing about war or other matters.

…and the letter kind of goes downhill from there.

I can’t really speak for the other Democrats (that would be those of us whom the party didn’t leave in the middle of the night for fear of waking up next to coyote ugly) but I’m kind of relieved that Don had his epiphany back in March 2002.

At least now, he’s not our embarrassment.

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