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Yesterday Garry Trudeau used his Sunday Doonesbury strip to the list the names of all the soldiers that have died in Operation Iraqi Freedom (aka Operation Inigo Montoya). Unfortunately it’s going to take more than one strip. But the fact that Trudeau specifically stated that the names were only from Operation Iraqi Freedom seems to have been lost on Don Surber who needs a field of straw men to give him something to blog about.

In his neverending quest to promote himself, Garry Trudeau has devoted “Doonesbury” to listing the deaths in Iraq. Ignore him. He is a controversy junkie. He does not feel validated unless he is “censored.” Sounds like a Daddy Problem to me.

He does not dare list the names of the 184 military men and women who died at the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001. The military has not forgotten. The Pentagon Memorial Fund is building a Monument to Their Sacrifices.

Well, yeah. But that wasn’t the point of the strip, now was it? He didn’t list the names of all the soldiers who died in WWII either so what’s your point?

Courtesy of The Blog of Death and a little googling, I offer those names that Trudeau never dares to put in his cartoon, because they remind us of just why we are fighting in Iraq — because we don’t want to fight these bastards in Poca! They are more than names. They are people who paid a price in service to our freedom. I linked a biography to each one.

Actually, no. They were the reason (more or less) why we are fighting in Afghanistan, but never mind that. What is important is the fact that the Islamofacists covet Poca, West Virginia (Home of the Fighting Poca Dots…I’m not making that up). No. It’s true! From the Al Qaeda training manual:

Top Ten Cities That We Totally Are Going To Kick Ass In

1. New York City
2. Los Angeles
3. Washington D.C.
4. Chicago
5. Poca
6. Miami
7. Boston
8. San Francisco
9. Miami (they really hate Miami)
10. Atlanta

So I can see why Don might be upset. And, besides, he’s had a really hard time of it since March of 2002 :

…when I joined the Republicans. My party left me, not the other way around.

Yeah. He’s one of those.

There is no more true believer than a coverted true believer.

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