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First off, a laurel and hearty handshake to new blogroll members: Martini Republic (golf claps), Crooks and Liars (loud huzzahs), Shakespeare’s Sister (gleeful tittering), and Feministe (inappropriate hooting and whistling).


I was reading this post by Amanda over at Pandagon about some California high schoolers getting a rude lesson regarding our evershifting freedom of speech and I noticed something in the linked article that should become the next Great Crusade of the Perpetually Outraged:

The drama department, voted No. 1 in the nation by the American High School Theatre Festival, is raising money to perform “The Laramie Project,” a controversial play about the death of a young gay man in Wyoming, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland this August

The next sound you hear willbe the clarion call of the cultural HomoHunters&#153 who seek to hide the delicate eyes of our youth from the love that dare not speak its name…especially when Ken Mehlman is in the room.


I had to go to Target today.

Yeah, I know, but they have something there that I find difficult to find elsewhere, so I just hadda go.

Standing in line in front of me was a woman Who Lives In A World Without Mirrors reading a copy of People/Us/Entertainment Weekly/whatever with a cover story about Jessica’s New Bikini Body Secrets. This would probably be a good time to mention that the aforementioned woman was sporting an ass that looked like it was hosting a puppy convention that was currently having a dance. Next to her stood one of her spawn, a boy about ten in a sleeveless T who bore an uncanny resemblance to the Michelin Man except for the fact that, instead of being pasty white, he had the reddened face of either a potential high blood pressure victim or JD Hayworth (R-Stroke Anytime Now) or possibly both. Spread out on the checkstand counter before them was a Jonah-sized box of Ding-Dongs and other assorted fatty snacks.

The store muzak was playing: “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” – Elton John & Kiki Dee.

It was like that God I keep hearing about was showing me what my private hell is going to look like.

The horror. The horror….


Many thanks to Douglas in Arlington VA. for sending me a copy of Nick Cave’s B-Sides & Rarities. I had never really heard Cave and was only familiar with him (other than seeing his CDs) via Johnny Cash’s version of The Mercy Seat found on the Cash Unearthed set (which is a must-have). The Cave set has a terrific cover of Neil Young’s Helpless. Very Cool.

And speaking of music, the lovely Jane of firedoglake shared with me an mp3 of the Czar’s Paint the Moon which sounds like a more soulful Mavericks. After about three minutes of extensive research I was able to locate and purchase an import copy of their Goodbye CD proving that this Internets thing is pretty darn bitchin’ and might just make it after all.


Tonight Beckham discovered June bugs. He now has a new hobby.


Julia writes about eggs.


When I was a kid playing Little League I thought it was way exotic when we traveled to some far off place like, oh, Lemon Grove which is about fifteen miles away, to play a game. In high school I once traveled as far as Saddleback College in OC for a track meet and I thought at the time that that was pretty impressive (keeping in mind that this was the early seventies and the world was much larger back then and not so Friedman-flat).

This week Casey received an invitation to go play soccer in Brazil for ten days in August.


The country. You know, that one down there.

She’s fifteen. I still have to drive her to the mall.

I don’t understand the world anymore.


Shorter Power Line

Oil Companies: The New Philantrophists!


I’ll be seeing NIN on Memorial Day and will pass along any comments that Mr. Reznor might have about the current administration that MTV seems to favor.



In wartime the state seeks to destroy its own culture. It is only when this destruction has been completed that the state can begin to exterminate the culture of its opponent. In times of conflict authentic culture is subversive. As the cause championed by the state comes to define national identity, as the myth of war entices a nation to glory and sacrifice, those who question the value and the veracity of the myth are branded internal enemies.


States at war silence their own authentic and humane culture. When this destruction is well advanced they find the lack of critical and moral restraint useful in the campaign to exterminate the culture of their opponents. By detroying authentic culture — that which allows us to question and examine ourselves and our society — the state erodes the moral fabric. It is replaced with with a warped version of reality. The enemy is dehumanized; the universe is starkly divided between the forces of light and the forces of darkness. The cause is celebrated, often in overt religious forms, as a manifestation of divine or historical will. All is dedicated to promoting and glorifying the myth, the nation, the cause – Chris Hedges


Thank you for your patience. I’ll be here all week.

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