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The Freepi weigh in on the cross-burnings

The knuckle-dragging beasts of Freeperland have plenty to say about Durham and the cross-burning, most of it is ignorant or just plain wrong. Here, you wade in the filth…

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

“These burnt crosses smell like hoax.”

“When I read “Durham” and “cross-burnings” I thought a hoax might be afoot too. I have a lot of relatives in Durham – second cousins and whatnot – but I’m glad my grandfather decided to buy a farm out in Nash County so many years ago.”

“Who of us is to judge who isn’t on the scene?”

These burnt crosses smell like hoax. Based on recent history (and by recent, I mean the past 15 or 20 years) that’s the only informed conclusion to draw until proven otherwise. I’m sure we’ll be told that the perpatrators, when caught, “Just wanted to call attention to the racism that already exists in the area.””

“If they are a hoax, what should be done with the people who did it? If they aren’t a hoax, what should be done with the people who did it?”

“Being that 99 out of 100 “hate crimes” reported on the news and in the paper later turn out to be hoaxes, the odds are heavily in favor of this one being a hoax as well.”

“At the same time, callers to 911 reported another cross burning near Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. and South Roxboro Street.”

“I find it somewhat difficult to believe that some white guys could pull off something like this on any MLK without being thoroughly thrashed in the process. They also left KKK literature? For whom? The (probably) black residents? Either this was the balsiest retarted stunt in history or a hoax.”

“There are a lot of people out there with outright rabid hatred towards Christians these days. They seem everywhere these days. You know. Islamofascists. Atheists. ACLU types. And of course skin head types, too. Differing in opinions or approaches perhaps, but all essentially heading to the same place where there will be plenty of fire alright but no crosses for sure. Just my hunch.”

“You’re definitely right about that. It’s just that when you hear one of these text book type hate crimes (burning cross, “Nickel” scrawled on a door, etc.) that so many times it turns out to be a fake. The Christian college in Illinois a couple of weeks ago, the army barracks, the lesbians burning their own home down…”

“Possibly perpetuated by the wholly corrupt and unredemable Durham government itself to deflect attention.”

“Durham is a cesspool of black racism and cronyism. Will be interesting to see how this plays out….”

“Well yes but it was at a time when blacks were intimidated by whites. Now a days if a bunch of yahoos in a pickup showed up in a black neighborhood to burn a cross I think the local black residents would have a field day with their sorry butts.”

“I smell something rotten in Durham too. Sure, I agree, be good to get the facts. And the facts might, par usual, show up three weeks down the road on newsprint page C-15 in an obscure corner. What has happened most recently in Durham. Three minority youths shooting and killing a Pakistani convenience clerk during what appears to be a gang-initiation. Black Leadership demanding more money for black youth programs. Taxpayer dollars. What’s big in Durham: gangs and drug activity. My gut reaction to the news was twofold: Which of the gangs is fighting for turf; and who is trying to “unite” the gangs under a “minority” flag. No matter who did this, whatever their reasons or their ethnicity, my response is: To hell with ’em.”

“There is a problem in NC with black subculture. You can see it all the time in print and news: mostly black inmate gangs working alongside the highways. Most black-on-black crime mugshots shown on the news. There is A definite problem in NC. Screaming “white racism” is not a productive answer. The problems and causes are far more complex. Bill Cosby is trying to address this; the Drug Task Force is trying to address this; Anti-Gang task forces are trying to address this; Homeland security is trying to address this; Clergy are trying to address this; local leaders are too. But shrieking “racism” is just tomfoolery. It perpetuates fears and problems, resolving NOTHING.”

“NAACP donations must be down….”

“Let’s imagine: a dozen or so pickup trucks pull up on Martin Luther King Boulevard in Harlem and thirty sheeted rednecks pile out, haul the wooden cross out of the back of one, soak it with gasoline, stand it up, form a neat little circle and light it…How long would this go on? How far would this ceremony get? That’s essentially what they’re claiming happened in Durham.”

“Absoloutely, but primarily in somewhat rural areas and mostly many years ago, pre-Civil Rights era. I’m just saying that for a group of white racists to go downtown to MLK, in a relatively densely poplated urban area to do this, was to take their lives in their own hands. I was born and raised in the South and still live here. I’m not sure I would be safe walking down our MLK, much less planting a burning cross there.”

“Speaking of hate crimes and NC. What ever happened with the “hate crime” of the gay male who supposedly got beat up for being gay on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill fairly recently? After the initial report I have not heard a single thing.”

“I’m not saying it wasn’t the KKK(pretty much non-existant these days) but it seems a stretch for me. Either way, it’s a heinous crime whose perpetrators should be punished to the full extent of the law, whatever their race.”

“With the exception of the one downtown, these are fairly upscale neighborhoods (both by country clubs, too). They are all suspiciously close to Duke University and hospital. That and the fact they lit one by the news studio leads me to believe this is some kind of college activist stunt.”

“FWIW, MLK and Roxboro is fairly close to, but not in, a black section of Durham. Its acutally on the north edge of the Woodcroft area, which is a huge upper-middle class section of Durham. Its not like the perps were doing this in downtown Harlem. Also, they weren’t that proximate to Duke or the hospital. 3-4 miles at the closest, and Durham isn’t all that big. Bottom line, this wasn’t the KKK.”

“Yeah, it’s almost directly in front of the city work’s yard (where the city workers park all their shovels when they’re not leaning on them) and also the city pumps where all the police come to refuel their cars. The local talk show host is speculating that in light of all the corruption stories involving city officials, this might be astaged event to draw heat away from them.”

“Thanks for the locale info. I agree with the above statement. I have been doing some reasearch on them today and they really do barely exist. The Spice Girls are a more cohesive group than the KKK. Their recruiters (all 5 of them) have hotmail and yahoo email address. Members are shunned and mostly unemployed and even the Grand Wizard has to keep a day job because they have zero funds. They are more of a joke now than at any time in history.”

“Also happens to whites that sell homes to blacks, etc. in white neighborhoods. I know. It happened to my family when I was a kid. We sold a house to a Muslim family and when we moved into our new house not a week went by before we had a cross burning in the front yard.”

“It figures that the mudslums would burn a cross in their own front yard upon their arrival to the civilized world. The police shouldn’t even respond to these hoaxes. It is a waste of taxpayer money.”

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