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Ralph Reed kicked to the curb by Microsoft

Ralphie Reed needs to find some new AmTaliban work, since Microsoft has seen the error of its ways in hiring the turd and has cut him loose.

When it was recently revealed that Microsoft had employed religious conservative Ralph Reed as a political consultant, it was logical to wonder if his $20,000 monthly retainer was somehow related to the company’s temporary refusal to support a gay-rights bill in Olympia, which failed. Maybe the fiercely antigay crusader with the choirboy looks would be there to guide Bill Gates through a nationwide boycott of software products, as threatened by Eastside minister Ken Hutcherson.

But as Jon Stewart put it on The Daily Show: Microsoft? “Afraid of a boycott? And you call yourself a heartless monopoly!” Indeed, the company has since thumbed its nose at Hutcherson and promises to support future gay-rights legislation. It also still heartlessly rules the computer desktop.

And as for Reed, if he ever had anything to do with Microsoft’s role, or lack thereof, in this state’s gay-rights debate, he won’t next time. He’s being deleted from the Redmond software giant’s payroll, two company sources say, and he likely gets his last $20,000 check this month.

Hat tip, AmericaBlog.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding