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Just another day in home improvement nightmares

Or is it homo improvement?

Kate and I are home today, because we are to have our carpet in the main bedroom, hallway and office replaced with hardwoods. Three doggies and our late cat took a toll on carpet, so we decided to deep-six it.

I will try to make this long story short, but we’re not happy with a major home improvement chain’s competency. We were up late over the last couple of days and really late last night (after returning from the vigils for the cross burnings) packing up everything in our office and bedrooms because those are the floors in question. Everything is completely discombobulated:

* all of our clothes from the dressers are in garbage bags, stowed around the areas of the house that aren’t affected:

* our desks, file cabinets and computers/printers have been disconnected, and all the wires and that nonsense is on our dining room table, all breakables are all over the kitchen:

We had to empty the office to let the wood acclimate, so that room was a mess since Tuesday. You are reading today’s blog entries because I rigged the cable modem and wireless router from the office to the dining room. Can’t be without “the internets,” right?

Cable modem rigging and Kate looking at the carnage beneath the carpet.

Today, the workmen arrived and well, it all went downhill from there. After ripping up the carpet in the office, one of them saw that apparently, the 1/2″ prefinished wood installation couldn’t be guaranteed due to a slightly unlevel floor in the office. Our choices installing this crap or get 3/4″ wood that can take larger nails to ensure stability. The latter would mean yet another wait for delivery date for the wood, and our house would remain in this bomb-went-off state for days.

So, after Kate heard this, her Lebanese temper went into gear. She kept it in check and didn’t take it out on the installation guys, since it was the home improvement store that didn’t suggest the thicker wood to begin with. Actually, the head install guy said this sh*t happens all the time with this store, since the associates are completely underqualified to advise customers. While I was having an out-of-body experience, Kate was on the phone with the store and, while stating to the associate that picked up the phone that this was not directed at her personally, politely ripped the unfortunate person that sold us this a new one.

After some serious back and forth, she said that they could send us something else today that was in stock that we could take a look at, and they could deliver it today. The installer guy said he was willing to come back on Sunday to work this out, since he felt the store screwed both him and us.

OK. The last weird part. We went to the home improvement store to look at the stock wood, and it was a close enough match. The lame-ass associate that Kate reamed out said she could have it delivered today. She was all apologetic and trying to smooth things out in a wholly inappropriate, quasi-nut case way. She said to Kate: “Is everything all right now?” Kate said yes, then the associate hugs her, and then me. WTF? Kate looked like she was going to hurl, and I wanted to burst out laughing at the expression on her face.

Anyway, we’ll be sleeping either somehow in the guestroom or on the sofa for a while.

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