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Another great vigil pic

Thanks to House Blender Richard, who sent this great panoramic shot of the Oval Park vigil last night. Click to enlarge.

Also, Good Morning America covered the cross burnings, and Chris Kromm of Facing South was interviewed.

One of the questions they asked was, “was this really the work of the KKK?” I answered that whether or not this was some official plan hatched in klavern headquarters was beside the point. I talked to someone this morning whose son works for the Durham Police Department, and they still don’t know if this was an “official” KKK action. But the fact remains that someone or some people out there, either because they thought it was funny or because they thought it was a good idea, decided that associating their work with the Klan was a good idea, and that’s all that matters.

Chris also has a great roundup of the wingnuttery that creates “A Climate for Cross-Burnings.” My fave:

Deposed Rep. Cass Ballenger (R) — called “one of the House’s most notorious bigots” — felt no qualms in 2003 declaring that he had “segregationist feelings” towards fellow Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) (who he also called a “bitch”); claimed that his divorce was largely due to “stress” he felt from his D.C. office being across the street from the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a civil rights group; and proudly displayed a black-faced lawn jockey in front of his Hickory home (which, after news hit the papers, he later painted white).

One more note. I was on Shakes Sis’s blog today, and a comment that bolsters my thought that the cross burnings could be targeting the gay community was posted by shamanic.

About 12 years ago the Klan held a series of rallies in North Alabama, including in my home town of Huntsville. My friends and I attended all of them with protest signs (being told in Athens, Alabama, by the helpful police officer that he would be unable to protect us if the crowd turned on us). Anyway, we were all really startled by the turnaround in KKK rhetoric. They were no longer railing against people of color, but homosexuals and, to a lesser extent, illegal immigrants. It was mostly just “queers queers queers”.

If the media choose to skip over that angle, it’s because as responsible citizens and journalists, they have no idea what direction the Klan and like-minded freelancers have been headed in for the last decade and a half at least.

They know they lost on race. They think there’s still hope with homosexuality. Anything to keep people afraid.

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