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A roundup from yesterday's mailbag

I didn’t get a chance to post about anything except the cross burning yesterday, but some House Blenders passed along stories that caught their eye…

* From Cat — Judge: Parents can’t teach pagan beliefs. Father in Indianapolis appeals order in divorce decree that prevents couple from exposing son to Wicca.

* Val heard John Shelby Spong, author of The Sins of Scripture: Exposing the Bible’s Texts of Hate to Reveal the God of Love speaking on the Randi Rhodes Show on Air America, wanted to pass on more info about the book.

* Ann, over in the western part of NC, sent on an article about “our local U.S. Rep, Charles Taylor, an unapologetic homophobe and ‘family values’ guy, is hopefully getting ready to get his come-uppance. Folks in my district are aware of his shady banking practices, but they still elected him to a record seventh term last November, garnering 55% of the vote over his opponent…Taylor, also known as “Chainsaw Charlie” because he likes to clear-cut forests in the area, seems to be slathered in Teflon, but something has to stick sooner or later. “

* Paul passed along two items. First, the dumb*ss pastor in NC that had a sign out about flushing the Koran, has apologized and plans to take the sign down. “Pastor Creighton Lovelace issued a written statement May 25, according to The Daily Courier and Baptist Press. He said in the statement that he “did not realize how people of the Muslim faith view the Koran – that devoted Muslims view it more highly than many in the U.S. view the Bible.” OMG. That is too stupid to even comment on. The second item is about the bravery of Kraft, standing up to the wingnuts that are apoplectic that the company is going to continue to sponsor the 2006 Gay Games despite the call for a boycott.

* Stephanie in Victoria wanted us to see the wingnuttery going on in Canada — Straight Pride to be recognized in Yellowknife. Love this quote from a Canuck ape: “‘Many, many heterosexuals contribute largely to this community and we should recognize that just as well as the other‘ – Alan Woytiuk”

* Holly had a howler about Republican Cincinnati City Councilman Sam Malone (elected on a platform to combat black-on-black violence). A local paper unearthed the 1991 domestic violence charge against Malone for allegedly choking and hitting his mother, charges she filed along with a temporary protection order. That’s also topped off with misdemeanor domestic violence charges for beating his 14-year-old son badly enough to leave welts and swelling. Lovely.

* Nancy Goldstein, who was so concerned about the cross burning incident here that she rang with kind, supportive words, has a piece up on The L Word. She says — “Depleted and demoralized by the Democrats’ most recent piteous surrender to the Senate majority, our fair columnist drowns her woes with the season finale of Showtime’s low-fat, semi- plot-driven, luxury-good-littered drama “The L Word”â€?and drifts into delirium.”

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