Pickler hearts Pickles

Nedra Pickler (oy, we could go on and on about her) writes about the First Lady:

Mrs. Bush spoke to reporters in front of the Giza pyramids after getting a tour of a new excavation site there. Earlier in the day, she and Mubarak’s wife, Suzanne, spent time together at the Ittihadiyya Palace, a school for girls and the set of the Egyptian version of “Sesame Street.”

The first ladies taped a segment on reading with Khokha, a peach puppet with a mop of purple and brown hair that is the star of “Alam Simsim.” The show is in Arabic but “Auntie Laura,” as Khokha called Mrs. Bush, read her lines in English and nailed it in one take.

We’ll assume that Pickles the Animatronic First Lady wasn’t reciting Henry’s St. Crispin speech for Sesame Street so you’ll have to color us today’s color: unimpressed.

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