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Empty Wig Dole: the nuclear option is on the table

The Joker, er, Liddy Dole (NC), one of my Repug Senators.

I somehow got on this Repug mailing list, so I get spammed by Liddy. Is there are more empty, meaningless, ineffective vessel than Elizabeth “Empty Wig” Dole? Even so, the head of National Repug Senatorial Committee is confident we’ll be back at the brink when it comes down to the filibuster:

“Although I am pleased that some of the President’s qualified judicial nominees are finally getting the fair up or down vote they deserve, I am disappointed that not all nominees will be afforded that same courtesy. The understanding made by the group of fourteen made clear that judicial philosophy is not a legitimate reason to filibuster qualified judges. If Democrats should choose to continue their unprecedented use of the filibuster, we should immediately move to the constitutional option. Although I believe a vote on the constitutional option was certainly justified today, I am glad that it has not been taken off the table for future confirmation debates.”

Looks like the Freepi also give a no-confidence vote re: Liddy and the NRSC, hahahahahaha.

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

“…let them know what you think. I told them no more money from me until they cut off funds for the seven traitors and fund their opposition in the primary.”

“I wonder if she is enjoying the emails from their website. I notice how they don’t have a phone number that is easily accesible. I sent them an email today telling them to take my name off of their mailing list and kiss their donations goodbye.”

“If Democrats should choose to continue their unprecedented use of the filibuster, we should immediately move to the constitutional option. Sounds to me like she found the cajones that McCain seems to have lost.”

“She could be denying reelection funds to the the 3 of the 7 up for election in 2006 and offering funds to their primary candidates. Chaffee, at least, can clearly be defeated in a primary. We’re more likely to ‘lose’ the seat then, but in reality we only have his for organizational purposes. We can afford to lose one to make a point to the other RINOs.”

“Ah, yes… the organization that will receive no more of my cash until they state in writing that they will not fund the campaigns of any of the seven RINOS that betrayed their country. Sorry, Liz.”

“It’s always been my understanding that the NRSC will never work against an incumbent GOP senator…regardless of that Senator’s ideology. In ’04, the NRSC backed Arlen Specter in his primary against Pat Toomey. In ’02, I believe that even backed Bob Smith over John Sununu.”

“My email to the NRSC: I am EXTREMLY upset at what seven RINO senators did Monday evening, May 23, 2005. These party traitors must learn that actions have consequences. Accordingly, if you will state in writing that they will receive no funding from the NRSC in their upcoming campaigns and that the NRSC will be funding their primary opponents, I will consider resuming funding your organization. Until then, expect no support or contributions from me. “

“The NRSC gets no donations from me until Frist gets his caucus in order. I agree. Why waste time, energy and money on getting republicans elected when they are only going to cross over to the other side of the aisle on crucial issues.”

“We could not give him that much funds and let him raise his own. But if the RNC tries to fund a primary challenger against Chaffee, he might just switch parties and get re-elected anyway. While making a example out of one RINO might be a good thing. I wonder if this is the one to do so with. Some RINO’s are RINO’s because they have to be to get elected. I think we should go after a RINO that doesn’t need to be a RINO in their home state. While McCain would be my first choice I say go after Lindsey Graham. He has been a thorn in the side of Bush for some time now and he doesn’t need to be to get re-elected in his own state. This guy needs to go and at least there is enough of a conservative base in that state to oust him. And if he tries to run for president, the Clinton lovers will remember his role in the impeachment episode. This would be the loser I would go after.”

“I bailed on the NRSC when they had the 100-0 vote to not hold a real impeachment trial on Clinton. All the GOP had to do was support the status quo rules, essentially those used in Andrew Johnson’s trial and then polished by the Democrats (including Hillary) for anticipated use against Nixon and then further polished by the Democrats for anticipated use against Reagan. They weren’t going to get the 2/3 to convict, but they had the 50 needed to protect the honor of the Senate and force a real trial. Every GOP Senator then in office bailed and the best of them, Phil Gramm, co-authored the bail out with Ted Kennedy! Every one of those 50 cowards needs replacing, some of them (e.g. the then least worthy House manager, Lindsey Graham) more than once. My Senate $ goes to the Club for Growth.

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